Realization of thinking modes in qigong state and some applications

Author: Meng Xianzhong//Wang Qiping
Human Body Science Research Centre, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 244 , Word Count: 965

Modern mode of thinking mainly includes logic thinking and non-logic thinking. In the logic thinking, general laws are from concept via judgement to inference, from appearance and phenomena to theoretical recognitions, from the complexity to the simplicity, from the common to the individual and etc., to entrap the instant feelings, this point may be found in text books for students.
Any way, in some cases, there are also some modes of nonlogic thinking, for example in the meditation, the inference of public cases is the most general method, this kind of method has not yet widely recognized by people.
Authors make every effort to establish a real bridge for the transportation from formal logic thinking so dialectical Epic thinking, later propose a method for operators to practice non logic thinking, which is not a pure theoretical indication, which is one of concrete tools for the operators to treat their thoughts creatively through the bridge action to Vein efficient benefits which others may not.

The direct feeling of man comes from the impulse of information, images or prospects, languages, environments, and their relative influences. If the operators put themselves or other people in the outside of space to observe, which is built by operators, results observed directly can be got for the outside world, if put themselves in the space, the results are; concern with observers.

Now the following two space is established:
( 1 ) Self space
It is defined as the space established by operator and occupied by himself.
( 2 ) Cosmos space
If the real world we live or -exist is considered as-a cosmos, the cosmos space is that with a cosmos minus the information of the self space.
These two spaces are only relative divisions, there are not exactly absolute boundary surfaces. Spaces are false phenomena, the false phenomena are nothing.


( 1 ) First of all, make meditation with two hands clapping, seeing the middle of belly point, counting for breathe several minutes.

( 2 ) Image that there is one bright moon in the heart circle, the moon glows step by step the space.

( 3 ) Formal logic method:
( I ) 'S' is or not 'A'. 'S', 'A' may be the substances in the body (heart, kidney, stomach ) , also may be external substances , for examples, trees, mountains, stones, rivers and etc.. 'S', 'A' may be language sentences, which can
deliveries the information of space.
( J ) 'S' is or not 'A' , if 'P' do or do not meet the demands of 'SP ', 'S' is or not 'A', and 'P' has the ' SAP' sights or images.
'S' is or not 'A', and 'P' has the 'SAP' signals (sounds, music etc.).
( K ) 'S' is or not 'A' ( A, B. C, D, E and etc.), we can finish the similar inference.

( 4 ) Mode of dialectic logic thinking:
( I ) The 'S' image ( a, b, c, d ... are the relative
parameters) is or not the true 'A' graph or matter. fox example, after meditation WHAT I AM ?, before bore WHAT I AM ?, IF IT IS TRUE MINE.
( J ) Contradiction
( K) 'S' does or not want to perform 'A' , if 'P' is
( L ) If the environment 'E' is true, TO WHAT EXTENT are 'A' and 'B' belong to 'P' ?, how much is the probability in terms of 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, ...., 0.9, 1.

( 5 ) Think that there is one white light ring around the neck, gradually the neck disappears, white light glows to the below, the cosmos is fulfilled with white light, yellow light glows the whole cosmos with high density.

( 6 ) Inference of public cases.
This kind of methods are commonly used in meditation thinking, here inference is not that which man generally are used in daily life. when the problems for meditation are proposed, man are required to search for the individuality in common by inward way not the outward way, through a kind of dialectical duel the GREAT DOUBT WILL BE FOUND, AND LEAD TO THE BODY OF REALITY WHICH EXISTS IN TAB DEEP OF VIRGIN VERITY OR THE MYSTERY OF BEING. That is to say to go back to nature.
for example ,
nothing! nothing! nothing! nothing! nothing!
nothing! nothing! nothing! nothing! nothing!
nothing! nothing! nothing! nothing! nothing!
nothing! nothing! nothing! nothing! nothing!

( 7 ) Non-logic thinking
One of the special methods of meditation thinking is to make non , logical inference, through this, in the inward way some path to the soul and mind by no thoughts may be established, which determines the sincerity and the verity. Generally some feature symbols and bodies are employed in each stage. For example, chanting incantations and thinking about the symbols and etc..
Non - logic thinking way is the product of the development of the combination between formal logic thinking and dialectical thinking, it may be suitable for the expansion of intelligence and the super feelings.

( 1 ) Diagnosis of disease
Take the body to be diagnosed as a cosmos space and observer as a self space. The signal detected is changed to a image and put onto self space. According to the method above, conclusions may be obtained.

( 2 ) Person searching
Make a direct inference whether somebody is in the place specified.

( 3 ) Bridge competitions.
( I ) Determine the n object ' in self space.
( J ) Delivery the n object ' to cosmic space ( somebody ).

( 4 ) Translations between English and Chinese
( I ) Image making.
( J ) Take up the help signal.
( K ) Delivery the signal to self space.
( L ) Realization.

These examples are proved in some special cases, if a lot of
teats are made perhaps the probability of success will be
enhanced, in the practice please notice the concrete situations.

The method proposed here are all tested through practice on the behalf of expending the intelligence and advancing the study efficiency without any bad influence to the human being.