Changed pattern of regional glucose metabolism during yoga meditative relaxation

Author: Herzog H//Lele VR//Kuwert T//Langen KJ////
Institute of Medicine, Research Center Julich, FRG
Conference/Journal: Neuropsychobiology
Date published: 1990-91
Other: Volume ID: 23 , Issue ID: 4 , Pages: 182-7 , Word Count: 153

Using positron emission tomography (PET), measurements of the regional cerebral metabolic rate of glucose (rCMRGlc) are able to delineate cerebral metabolic responses to external or mental stimulation. In order to examine possible changes of brain metabolism due to Yoga meditation PET scans were performed in 8 members of a Yoga meditation group during the normal control state (C) and Yoga meditative relaxation (YMR). Whereas there were intraindividual changes of the total CMRGlc, the alterations were not significant for intergroup comparison; specific focal changes or changes in the interhemispheric differences in metabolism were also not seen; however the ratios of frontal vs. occipital rCMRGlc were significantly elevated (p less than 0.05) during YMR. These altered ratios were caused by a slight increase of frontal rCMRGlc and a more pronounced reduction in primary and secondary visual centers. These data indicate a holostic behavior of the brain metabolism during the time of altered state of consciousness during YMR