Preliminary study using dynamic B ultrasonics to monitor expelling of gallstones by qigong’s “wei qi”

Author: Song Jiwei 1//Ma Kequan 2//Wang Dazhi 2
Qigong Research Centre of Sheng Zheng University, China [1] //University of Science and Technology of China, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 210 , Word Count: 1023

Qi Gong's 'Qi' is the substance that exists objectively. It has something to do with information and energy. In recent years, Taoist school's 'San Yuan Qi Gong's' inheritors Wang Chang Ying (name), Lu Guo Jian (name) and Shong Ji Wei (name) have been making a great practical research on how to push gallstones out of human body by using Qi Gong's 'Wei Qi', and they've got a very good curative effect.

By using the method of keeping watch on the state of illness with B ultrasonic, this experiment itself makes a dynamic state observation on the produce of pushing gallstones out by using Qi Gong Master Shong Ji Wei's 'Wai Qi', probe into the mechanism of pushing gallstones out of human body by using Qi Gong's 'Wai Qi'.

I. General Situation of the Experiment
This experimental group observe and cure patients for thirty cases. There are eleven men and nineteen women among them. The oddest is sixty-two years old. The youngest is eleven years old. A course of treatment is ten days. There is a treatment for each morning and afternoon. Every time there are three to five minutes' treatment for each person with sent out Qi. Twenty-eight of them separately wash out 811 kinds of gallstones from stool averaged two to three days after treatment. (The effective ratio of pushing gallstones out is 93%). The gallstones are in sand shape, piece shape and grain shape. The amount of them is different. Colors are also different. They are black, yellow, white and brown. During the treatment, no medicine is to be used. When 'Qi' is send out to treat patients, they generally reflect that their costal region feel breathing and secret anguish. There is the feeling of cool wind, gas spinning and pinping at some parts of the body. After one course of treatment, most of the patients' former indisposed symptoms, such as stomach ache, sick of oil all disappear. Their sleeping has been better, appetite has been stimulate.

II. B Ultrasonic Observation
1. We choose fifteen patients out of twenty-eight to do B Ultrasonic observation on the difference before and after the treatment course. Among them, twelve person's gallstones' light beam and sound shadow change and them shrink. The former cholecystitis information alleriate obviously. The phenomena of systolic function and thickening of biliary tract wall have been improved. One person's gallstones' light beam has no change. One person's gallstones' light beam is larger than that hasn't been cured before the treatment.

2. Through B Ultrasonic dynamic state observation on treatment to five person of pushing gallstones out by sending out 'Qi', we see that each time we send out 'Qi' to cure patients, differently their bio-cyst all have the phenomena of shrinking and bilecyst's dilatation. Some of the patients, partly, have the intense feeling of spasm.

III. Case selected
Example one: So-and-so Zhang, female, 60 years old, contracting gallstones over ten years.
A. Ultrasonic examination before treatment in hospital shows that there is a 2.1 t 2.1 cm enhanced light beam with sound shadow in her bile-cyst. The thickness of her bio-cyst wall is 0.7 cm. At the same time, she has the information of cholecystitis. Often, she feels secret anguish and indisposed in her chest and costal region. Through the treatment of pushing the gallstones out by Qi Gong for ten days, many piece like and sand like gallstones have been washed out from stool. B ultrasonic's reexamination shows that the light beam in her bilecyst shrinks to 2.1 * O.9 cm. The thickness of bile cyst wall reduces to 0.5 cm. The information of cholecystitis obviously has a favorable turn. The all uncomfortable feelings disappear and the body condition is improved.
Example two: So-and -so Xia, female, 36 years old, contracting gallstones for five years.

B. Ultrasonic before treatment shows that there is a 1.8 t 1.2 cm enhanced light beam with sound shadow. The thickness Or bile-cyst wall is 0.6 cm. The re-examination of B ultrasonic after ten days' treatment of Qi Gong pushing out gallstones shows that the light beam shrinks to 1.1 * O.8 cm. The thickness of bile-cyst wall reduce to 0.4 cm. The feeling of bloating and sick of oil all disappear. The condition of sleeping and appetite is improved.

IV. Discussion and Experience:
The method of using 'Qi Gong''s 'Wai Qi' to push gallstones out of human body has some merits of painlessness, short course of treatment and good effect. Since 'Wai Qi n has the trait Of matter energy, through B. ultrasonic observation, we conclude principle of using 'Wai Qi' to push gallstones out of human body to be that under the function of idea, these 'Wai Qi' synthetic matter has a kind of lash wave which have some direction. It acts on bile-cyst, oddi's sphincter, relieves spasm of biliary tract and makes them energy violent rhythmical extruding,
shrinking and peristalses, so as to loose gallstone mass, to push gallstones out of bile-cyst into duodenum altogether with bile.

In this way, serving a dual purpose-lack gallstone into pieces and wash mechanically, 'Wai Qi' finish the whole course of pushing gallstones out. The reason Of one or two cases' failing to respond to medical treatment is that some gallstones are larger and firmer, some patients' bile-cyst wall are too thick, bile cyst has no function Of shrinking and some person is not sensitive to 'Wai Qi'. Still, due to cholecystitis, the longer course Of gallstone disease, some patients' information part Or bile-cyst wall obviously thicker and have calcification. So B ultrasonic shows that the light beam of gallstones has no change, or because Of gallstones mass's loosing apart, the light beam larger on the contrary. In this situation, you'd better made a comprehensive judgment on curative effect according to patients' symptoms charging-±-and amount of gallstones washed out from stool.

Summing up -what we have said above, we consider using Qi Gong's Thai Qi' to push gallstones out of human body to be really a new effective and simple:- way of conservative treatment Of gallstone disease. It can effectively avoid painfulness of operation and medicine of some patients, and a series of sequelae due to them. It has some necessary to make a deep research and a further improvement on it.