Treatment of mammary gland disease by qigong

Author: Geng Changling
ShannXi Scientific Research Association of Qigong, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 207 , Word Count: 563

The disease of mammary gland in this essay refers to the mammary gland hyperplasia, papilloma and breast cancer.- All the patients have the check report and the medical record of formal hospital. The following are 14 records chose from the cases of ma Wary gland disease between November 14, 1988 and May 14, 1989. Among these patients , the oldest one is 51 years old, while the youngest is 32. On the course of diseased the longest one is 13 years, the shortest is only 3 months. The number of treatment is between 4--1, The biggest cake is 2x1.5x3.5 cm .
Curative effect is showed on every case after the first time treatment cakes become smaller, scatter and disappear or decrease.

A. Therapy:
The main therapy is to give out outside air . It lasts 20 minutes for each time . Some are treated by using distance control treatment. The judgment of the curative effect are the following.
1. The cure -- pain and cakes disappear.
2. Notable effect--pain disappear and cakes become smaller.
3. the effective one--the cakes become smaller and the pain ease .
4. Ineffective one--no ease on the pain and no change of the cakes.

B. Result:
Effective rate is lOO%, the rate of curative effect is 71.4%. 3 case of curative breast cancer were cured as shown the following table

name of disease number number number of number of
of case of cural notable effect effective one

mammary gland 8 5 2 1

papiuma 3 2 1

breast cancer 3 3

total number 14 10 3 1

C: Typical cases:

Case 1 : Jou, female, 36 years old, a worker of General factory of oil instrument. Several cakes were found on both her breast in 1985. The cakes are as big as broad bean. The definite diagnosis made by No. 2 hospital attached to Xi'an medical college ins mammary gland hyperplasia. No effect. after taking Kang Pian, A kind of medicine for mammary gland. She ease to our department on April 26,1989. After the first treatment of QiGong. The cakes got less and her sleep became better. Her state of illness had a remarkable improvement. By the third time, the cakes disappear and her illness was cured

Case 2 : Fang, female 32 years old . An engineer in No. 10 post and telecommunications institute . Her diagnosis made by the No. 2 hospital attached to Titan medical college in June 1982 Was two sides mammary gland fiber tumor. They were removed in September 1982, but in May 1987, two cakes were found again in her left breast. The big one is about 2x3.5x1.5 cm . The smaller one is about 2x1x.5 cm. painless. She did not go to see doctor, but came to our department for QiGong treatment on April 27,1987. The first time treatment made the two cakes smaller. The bigger one decreased to 2x1.5xl cm, the other was 0.8x0.5x0.3 cm she told that, on the course of the treatment by using the outside air of Qigong, her breast got warm, by the third day after the second and third time treatment, the two cakes disappeared and she was cured.

After repeatedly practice, I realized that when the patient is in the state of QiGong, the master of QiGong can give full play to his idea. If the patient's idea is not strong, or if the patient can not cooperate well, the function and curative effect of getting rid of hyperplasia tumor and cancer will be reduced. Therefore, it's utmost of important for the patients to collude with QiGong master to cure mammary gland disease . So is the degree of Qigong.