Preventive geriatrics: an overview from traditional Chinese medicine

Author: Zhou DH
Conference/Journal: Am J Chin Med
Date published: 1982
Other: Volume ID: 10 , Issue ID: 1-4 , Pages: 32-9 , Word Count: 121

The philosophical tradition of Chinese geriatrics contains a strong preventive element closely tied to the concept of a balanced man-nature relationship and body-mind relationship. It has been emphasized that a sound mind in a sound body is essential to longevity. Moderation in physical and emotional activities is encouraged. There have been a number of approaches to longevity in traditional Chinese medicine. The preventive value of Tai Chi Chuan (a gentle 'spiritual' exercise), Chi Kung (a combination of breathing exercise, relaxation and meditation), acupressure and moxibustion on the point of Chu San Li, and tonic herbal medicines like ginseng is discussed in this article. These are regarded to be helpful in improving the general health of the elderly and in promoting longevity.