Cardiopulmonary exercise: a recently discovered secret of tai chi

Author: Ng RK
Hawaiian Dredging & Construction Company, Waipahu 96797
Conference/Journal: Hawaii Med J
Date published: 1992
Other: Volume ID: 51 , Issue ID: 8 , Pages: 216-7 , Word Count: 125

Every piece of literature or book about tai chi claims it to be the supreme martial art (soft style) and a therapeutic exercise. Nevertheless, none of the authors can describe scientifically how and why it works. Many people did not gain any health benefit in practicing tai chi and only very few people were able to apply its legendary secret power. During the last 10 years, the author thought he had discovered the secret in Hong Kong and brought it to Los Angeles. The secret lies in the fundamental movements of the body, called tai chi basic exercise routines. The entry level of the exercise has many similarities with medical treatments for respiratory illness and with walking exercise--the most recommended aerobic exercise for coronary artery disease.