[Changes in body equilibrium response caused by breathing. A posturographic study with visual feedback][Article in German]

Author: Aust G//Fischer K
Beratungsstelle fur Horbehinderte Berlin Neukolln
Conference/Journal: Laryngorhinootologie
Date published: 1997
Other: Volume ID: 76 , Issue ID: 10 , Pages: 577-82 , Word Count: 217

BACKGROUND: Therapeutical methods involving holistic medicine are of increasing interest. The present study deals with the psychophysical breath work by Middendorf and examines whether it has an effect on reactions of the body's equilibrium system. METHODS: Different optical patterns were projected on a video screen to the test subject standing on a modified posturographic platform. Subjects were instructed to shift their center of gravity according to the patterns projected on the video screen. The patterns consisted of a line that had to be followed in the anterior-posterior and in the lateral plane, and of a circle which had to be followed clockwise and counterclockwise. PATIENTS: Three groups each consisting of 17 healthy persons were tested; group 1: advanced in breath training, group 2: beginners in breath training, group 3: no experience in breath work at all. RESULTS: Group 1 und 2 show significantly better results in the posturographic test with visual feedback than subjects without experience in breast work (group 3). Furthermore, posturographic results immediately after one hour of breath work reveal clear improvements in the body equilibrium. CONCLUSIONS: Psychophysical breath work by Middendorf leads to a general improvement of the body equilibrium which is stable over time. The positive results of this study lead to the assumption that breath work by Middendorf is a valuable method for treatment and rehabilitation of balance disorders.