Clinical Observation on the Effect of 51 Cases of Cervical spondylopathy Treated by Qigong-massage Combined with Therapeutic Exercise

Author: Gao CL
Health Center of Textile Mill, Xu Zhou City, Jiang Su Province, China, 221006
Conference/Journal: Chinese Manipulation & Qigong Therapy
Date published: 1994
Other: Volume ID: 3 , Pages: 37-39 , Word Count: 159

Objective: To observe the clinical effect of Qigong-massage combined with therapeutic exercise on cervical spondylopathy.
Methods: Fifty one cases, including 19 males and 32 females, of cervical spondylopathy were divided into radicular cervical spondylopathy group (34cases), vertebroarterial cervical spondylopathy group (13cases), and multilevel cervical spondylotic myelopathy group (4cases) according to clinical symptoms. All the cases were treated by Qigong-massage combined with therapeutic exercise.
All subjects received Qigong-massage once per day, three times as a course. At the same time, the subjects should keep doing therapeutic exercise twice a day for half a year to stretch the cervical joint to all direction.
Results: The rate of complete cure, significant effect, some effect, no effect was 73.5% (25 cases), 26.5% (9 cases) , 0% and 0% in radicular cervical spondylopathy group; 38.5% (5 cases), 30.8% (4 cases), 23.1%(3 cases), 7.6%(1 cases)in vertebroarterial cervical spondylopathy group and 0%, 0%, 50% (2 cases), 50% (2cases) in multilevel cervical spondylotic myelopathy group.
It seems that Qigong-massage combined with therapeutic exercise had a good effect on cervical spondylopathy, especially on radicular cervical spondylopathy.