Qigong acupuncture therapy

Author: He Jainxin
Hanhua Traditional Qigong Research Institute, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 196 , Word Count: 1563

Qigong Acupuncture, among the almost lost ancient Chinese medicine heritage , is a comprehensive therapy that combines the emission of a n life force n within the qigong practitioner with the acupuncture . At the ago of 9, I learned the qigong of Taoist Migong ( Taiji meridian yundan Qigong and Taijizhang Qigong) from the folk qigong expert Ma and cured the obstinate symptoms of enuresis , hypothermia, etc. , and improved the physical health . I've kept on practicing qigong ever since and never stop till now . since 1970 , I've learned systematically the traditional Chinese medicine theory and start the part time cure activities of acupuncture to a chronic sciatic patient in June . 1980 when the current of the highest concentration of mind was directed for 5 minutes , the sick leg quick cold current circulation along the zutaiyang meridian all the way to the foot sole , then the physical body glowed and the acupuncture pain disappeared. Both the patient and I pleasantly surprised. After that , I often heard the patients say that every time I apply acupuncture to them they feel a cold or warm current circulations along the meridians within the human body . In order to prove it further , I asked another doctor , who didn't practice qigong before to do the same . As a result , the patient got a feeling from the doctor's acupuncture quiet different from what they did from mine. As the research of qigong goes on deeper, I come to realize that it is between the qigong emission and the acupuncture that I achieved the effect. To prove the ability of qigong current emission, I did the experiment of directing the current emissions to influence the movement of a compass successfully. For a few years, I keep on practicing qigong and curing patients in this way, nearly a hundred of patients were greatly improved or completely cured. Those diseases that I've cured are hemiplegia, sciatica, arthritis, chronic enterogastritis, etc. A few cases are as follows:

Case 1, Dai Songlin, make, 45, the director of the edible fungi research institute of Ning qiang County, Shaanxi Province. Acquired aching back and legs, osteoma, and so on,. Received treatment in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai but never improved at all. The pain was sore serious two months before my treatment ad then later developed into hemiplegia. pierced into the Huantiao acupoints and Weizhong acupoints with the acupuncture needle and operated it, at same time, directed suddenly the emission of the Life force current for twenty minutes. Then, as the result, the patient, twinkling irregularly all over the body, said that he felt as ii an anesthetized by a strong electric current circulation and belt very good. After the treatment, oh were surprised to find that the patient could stand hissed alone! After another treatment next day, the patient could go with the help of a walking stick. Later, completely cured.

Case 2, Wang Jianyin, females 39, staff member of Hanzhong Daily press Shaanxi Province. developed a very heavy sciatica.
After both the Chinese and western medicinal treatment, the disease was got more serious on the contrary, but after my acupuncture treatment with the help of qigong the disease Bag greatly improved. After a week of the consolidation, the symptoms disappeared and never relapse.

Case 3, Ku Suyins developed a very serious optic nerve atrophy, thus, lost her sight. I applied the acupuncture needle with both hands into the acupoints of Xie Jinmin, Xangbai, Baihui twice with the help of the directed emission of qigong. Then, the patient gradually regained the sight.

Case 4, Chen Bo, female, 44, a clerk of the Hanzhong Department Store. Developed 80 called chronic enteritis or chronic colon inflammation. Many hospitals can't cure it. But I applied the qigong acupuncture therapy to the acupoints like Xiehangmen, Leiguan, Gongsun. Only 5 minutes, the pain was greatly reduced. After the fourth treatment, the defecation became normal, then, followed by two periods of consolidation treatment . The patient gained has weight swiftly , and finally , completely cured.
Why is the qigong acupuncture therapy so effective ?
There must be a scientific reason in it . Many scholars say that the acupoints of human body is the biological magnetic field
When something is wrong with one of the internal organs, the resistance rate of the relevant acupoints usually change accordingly . The research group on biological magnetic field of human body in Shanghai Jiaotong University did a great deal about it . They've used a kind of a negative film sensitive to the infrared ray and have proved the objective existence of the human biological field comes from the cellular biological electricity which changes with the characteristics of the electric magnetic field .

The qigong emissions are proved by the modern scientific instruments to have a certain physical properties Infrared electrostatic signals , etc. are found in the qigong emissions, which can change electric magnetic activities cerebral electric wave frequency, the skin temperature , electric resistance and blood pressure , thus influence the human magnetic field if the emissions are applied to the human body . But if the qigong emissions are applied to the acupoints, magnetic field intensity and conductivity cannot be changed .

Far the ancient times on, the theory of acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine is to utilize the acupuncture needle to pierce into the acupoints mechanically to start the ' meridian current' in a certain way which travels through the meridian . The part of the body which is ill then responds to the impulse carried on the current . Disease and illness of the body occur when the balance of Yin and Yang in it is upset. Acupuncture can help to restore this balance , thus cure the illness. The application of the acupuncture combined with qigong emissions in clinical practice may be to influence correctly the sink part of the body which is stirred up to achieve the electric magnetic resonance to put the confused electronics in the biological magnetic field in order by using biological electric magnetic wave. So , I think this method of treatment is a kind of biological magnetic field information interfering therapy in which the biological magnetic field of acupuncturist by the way of a needle influences the magnetic field of a patient.

Through many years of clinic practice, I've got the following findings :

1. Qigong acupuncture therapy can make the qigong emissions go into the body of the patient through the acupuncture needle to become the internal current of the patient to strengthen the ability of immunity to reduce the consumption of emissions caused by the space between the qigong practicer and the patient and thus to improve the effect of the treatment . Therefore , the
qigong acupuncture therapy is much better than the effect of qigong or acupuncture respectively as a therapy alone . when practicing qigong and acupuncture- into a patient, if both hands are used to insert the needle the effect would be better than that of just one hand. The reason may be that the insertion of the needle by both hands which carries on 2 the qigong emissions forms a closed circuit of the current circulation.
The effect of the combinations treatment of qigong and acupuncture is superior to any other therapy alone. If we can also use the ancient Chinese therapy of Zhiwu Liuzhu, which emphasizes doing the acupoints according to a certain specific time during one day , in this effective-therapy , we can take fewer acupoints , get stronger feeling of the needle and achieve the best effect.

2. In the course Of practicing the therapy, the patient ' evil current ' ( pathological products ) would usually attack into the meridians which are open and vulnerable when the qigong acupuncturist are working , especially when the acupuncturist are over tired or the emissions are not strong enough . First of all, the upper limbs show out then the phenomenon of Zhongxie in which the meridian current is blocked such as cold chest, cold back , etc. Thus it requires the acupuncturist to practice more the qigong as- less as possible to give out emissions when feeling unfit . Once you get the n evil current ' . you should get rid it as soon as possible. My usual way is my own invention called Quxiepaidugong-- a kind of qigong to drive the 'evil current' with the concentration Of mind all the way to the end of fingers and get rid of them .

3. The cooperation of the patient . For, the mood of the patient exert great influence in the disease, so before the treatment , be sure to make the patient happy , relaxed feel good, assure him that the disease can be cured thus build of confidence into him . At the same time, teach the patient how to direct the concentration current , how to get rid Of the irrelevant thoughts and how to puff with concentration on the acupoint of dantian or on the part of infection in accordance with the acupuncturist . In this way , better effect can be achieved. The ancient Chinese medicine classics mentioned this Point that the cooperation of patient is so important . The famous modern acupuncturist Chen Dan'an also emphasized in the Point. Other materials improve that when 70U fall into a state of pure concentrations the higher nerve center can get rid Of the Interference, the sensitivity of meridians and acupoints enhanced. All these are strong enough to demonstrate the importance of the cooperation.

However, the qigong acupuncture therapy is not omnipotent. It is still not so effective to some very serious diseases . Hope tore research work could be done to improve the therapy in the future.