A preliminary study of the effect of qigong on oxygen-metabolism of rowing team

Author: Cao Dongse 1//Xia Yunjuan 1//Yang Degen 1//Wang Zongming 2//Zhou Yahui 2//Yang Kelin 2
Physical Culture Dept, Jiang Han University, China [1] //Rowing Team of Physical Culture and Sports Commission, Wuhan, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 195 , Word Count: 84

This article analyses the results in tournament, the content of lactic acid in blood, the rhythm of respiration and change of pulse beating of the rowing players with 'qigong' coaching. It has been found out that the 'qigong' coaching combined with some specialized technique of sports can stabilized the function Of respiratory system and circulatory system at a higher level. It car. also achieve an equilibrium of the supply and demand of oxygen to enhance the ability of the oxygen-metabolism for the rowing players.