A preliminary experiment on the effects of qigong on intelligence in primary education

Author: Zhou Lu
Wulumuqi, Xinjiang, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 191 , Word Count: 1030

Combining education with qigong has a long history in China. Our ancestors took qigong not only as a measure to keep fit and dispel illness, but also as an essential regulation to cultivate pupils J moral character and to do scholarly research. Reading extensively the biographies of ancient personage, you can see' that great minds mostly engaged in qigong exercises. There is no lack of records on qigong in their works of Lsozi, Zhuangzi, Sou Dongpo, Lu You, Bai Juyi, etc.. Only after the Song Dynasty (960-1279), qigong was made use of religions to be distort and to become metaphysics. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the qigong came back to life and was decided by the Ministry of Higher Education to bring it into the line with teaching plan. Qigong finally mounted' the teaching scientific platform.

Famous scientists call qigong 'most advanced branches of science and technology', senior technology, really advanced technology and 'double senior technology'. Great qigong Master Pang Ming, studying for quite a long time, systematized and explored the intelligence qigong which is a rarity in the Chinese treasure house of qigong field. Enjoying the support from the Athletic and Health Office of Xinjiang Educational Commission, Mr. Zhou Lu, Vice-Director l and Secretary General of Xinjiang Qigong Research Center of Jiusan Society, taking class Four of Grade Three in Urumqi No. 13 Primary School as experimental unit, explorer intelligence qigong in primary education. The effects intelligence qigong in primary education. The effects are as follows:

1. The effect in improving physical quality of the pupils;
2. The effect in getting rid of Children's pseudomyopia;
3. Effect in correcting restless disease common in children;
4. Effect in developing the pupils' intelligence.

Exercising Contents: First gongfu of qigong in intelligence-directing strength to head.
Teaching Method: Dictation, display, organization and individual direction
Teaching Time: On Wednesday and Friday afternoon 2 hours each time for 2 weeks, encouraging the pupils to do exercises by themselves every morning.

Through this kind of exercises for a month, the pupils had the following tentative effects:
Their physical quality was improved:
1. Appetite improved: They got rid of the bad habits, such as anorexia, choosing eating, leftovers, etc..
2. Improved sleep was quiet. Though the sleeping time was shortened, the pupils were energetic.
3. Their biological clock was commonly regulated and self control was enhanced. In the evening the pupils were not reluctant to watch TV and willing to early go bed and to early get up. They said when thought to themselves they would get up at seven before going to bed they might wake up at seven sharp.
4. Pupils Zhou Ling and Sha Bo who had anemia and were in poor health and now they were in ruddy health after exercising qigong for a month. Ms Du SuJuan the teacher in charge of the classy said, 'the pupils in our class were in poor health in the past and our class always was the last in competition at the school sports meeting. After the qigong exercises, their physique was commonly improved. All the pupils in our class were active in physical training.

The Children's Pseudomyopia Were Corrected and Their Eyesight was Improved.
Except for congenital nearsighted most of the nearsighted belongs to pseudo myopia. If it is not controlled, it may become real nearsighted. Besides curing, the pupils were taught to direct the strength into their eyes. The pupils learned to help themselves and it was a great -success. The pupils who suffered iron pseudo myopia in the past greatly improved their eyesight. Look at the table below:

Name Before Exercising After Exercising
Left Eye : Right Eye Left Eye : Right Bye

Liu Qin 0.4 0.3 0.9 0.7
He Peng 0.7 1.2 1.5 1.4
Xing Yan 0.1 0.6 1.2 1.2
Qi Tan 0.3 0.4 1.5 1.5
Zhao Zixue 0.6 -0.6 1.5 1.5
Liang Iiaoring 0.9 0.9 1.5 1.5

All the pupils said that their eyesight was much brighter than ever before- and the characters in books seemed large. The pupils who shed tears while reading now had health eyes.

The Restless Disease of Most Children Was Reduced and Their SelfControl Ability was Strengthened.
This disease is troublesome both for teachers and parents. Yet it is very easy to cure this disease though qigong. On March 15, before the exercising the intelligent qigong, Mr Zhou Lu to bring the children in charge Of the class, Ms Du to bring the children who had restless disease and trained them only once.Mr Zhou Lu gently stroked the children's heads one after another, each of them calm at once and began to study the method of directing strength to head. They were deep in calmness and they even were intoxicated with the exercises in qigong position. From then on their disposition and behaviour were changed greatly and the self-control ability came to themselves.

Pupil Huang Jie's mother said, 'In the past, when he was doing homework, Ruang Jie was trouble-marker; he asked for food one moment, or asked for drink, or wanted to wash hands the next. He always restless-. After qigong exercising, He became attentive and he could sit there doing exercises for 20 minutes without moving.
The Pupils' Initiative in Studying Was Much Improved.

After a month's observation, with qigong-exercising the pupils characterized by attentive listening to teachers, quick adaptation of message, e.g. quick calculation by heart with correct answers in maths class. In other classes the pupils active in speech and very interested in studying with full confidence. They said they had cleared-head and that their brains worked well.

Pupil Zhang Peng said, f was often scolded for not willing to study. Doing homework, I always thought of other playing outside, and wanted to go out and join them. After qigong-exercising, whatever was explained by teachers could be memorized in my brain and the homework was easy enough for me to finish.

The academic record of the pupils is waiting for a comparison with the classes without qigong exercising after mid-term examination.

This is only our preliminary report on intelligent qigong io primary school. This experiment is fresh and green. Because off the objective difficulty many a effects of this kind of exercising need more scientific obscrving, testing and analyzing in experiment. The parents of the pupils hoped to further popularize the intelligent qigong and to combine qigong with setting-exercises during the break.