Preliminary report of treating 32 cases of coronary heart disease by a system of deep breathing exercises

Author: Zhuo Peiyan
Ning De District, Fujian Province, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 188 , Word Count: 792

Coronary heart disease is a common verification of arrhythmia which was arranged at the category as palpitation, palpitate, with fear in the ancient. Since the year of 1981 we have used the method of main and collateral channels movement of system of deep breathing exercise to cure 32 cases of coronary heart disease, they were to be achieved satisfactory effect. The following is the preliminary report:

General material .
There are 32 cases of patients 23 cases of which are the male, 9 cases of which are female. The maximum age of them is 84, the minimum age is 51, the average age is 59. The course of disease is from 2 to 15 year, average is 5.3 years.

Method of treatment
1. Through the method of main collateral channel movement of system of deep breathing exercise we hold the training courses of every kinds of. chronic disease. They made exercise in morning night each day-and was completed by three months as a course of treatment.
2. Guidance station advised of professor formulated the exercise an gymnastic for the patient each day.

Effect of treatment
1. The standard of treatment effect.
Cured effect: Clinical symptom disappeared after three months of doing exercise in gymnastic. Apparent effect: Symptom fundamentally disappeared after three months of doing exercise in gymnastic. Improvement: Symptom was distinctly alleviated after three months of doing exercise. No effect: Symptom did not disappear after three months of doing exercise in gymnastic.

2. The results of treatment effect.
Among-the 32 cases 14 cases were cured the quality was made up 43.73X of the total, 11 cases of apparent effect 34.39X, 6 cases of improvement 18.75X, 1 cases of no effect 3.13%, the effective rate was 96.87X.

Typical case
Case: Yao Hai Yi, male, 71 years old, retired staff, he war made of diagnose in Nov. 21, 1973 as: 1. Arteriosclerosis. 2. Coronary heart disease. The conclusion of electric cardiogram was: 1. Normal rhythm of the heart. 2. The axle of electrocardic is slightly on the right. He was in lack of blood supply of chronic coronary artery, blood pressure was always about at 180/110 mm Hg. He was in hospital for more ten years but was not improved through exam, and was only in control of medicine. In view of the condition he still felt chest to be sulky, palpitations angina pectoris, not peaceful in night sleep, night sweat. much urine in night, aching impress of back legs, and ran not steeding, walked with a limp down at stairs, could not down at the lavatory -. He began to take part in the treatment Of training exercise of the method of main and collateral channel movement of system of deep breathing exercise in 1987 and male to exact in doing exercise in gymnasium, then the case was to be improved in ten days, and arrhythmia was progressively in novesal
condition. and blood pressure was at 130/80 mm Hg, and fell in deep sleep, and ran happily relaxed. He had not taken medicine, and not relapsed for more one year, and continuously made physical training of system of deep breathing exercise.

Intimate knowledge of experience
Coronary heart disease is really a common difficult treatment of verification. The cause of- the disease may be divided into the seven human emotion of internal cause (joy, anger, sorrows fear, love-, hate and dislike) and imbalance of the punction of internal organs of body well as the six external factors of external cause, (wind, cold, summer, heat, humidity, dryness and fire) and unsuited food drink. All of them can be able to cause the various disease. The interpretation of the cause is that the collection of wicked idea must lead to deficiency of vital energy, that is the vital energy and blood to be losser incurred in the internal body, and cause Yin and Yang to be-opposing principle in nature, and the functions of internal organs are confused to create the obstruction of main and collateral channels of organs to obstruct the pulsation, then because the disease of coronary heart disease.

The function of system of deep breathing exercise to coronary heart disease is mainly to strengthen physical, foster vital energy and enhance the power of disease resistance of human body.

The training method and collateral channels' movement are to be on the base of 'relaxing the muscles,' Static state n and make conscious effort to regulate the external body', 'to regulate the internal body', 'to regulate the breathing out and in', breathing out carbon dioxide and breathing in fresh oxygen in order to made up the organs of natural aging, and improve the straeor poreal circulation, and at the same time strengthens The oxygen of lung, and absorb the nutrition for stomach and intestine, and promote the three visceral housing the internal organs and every kind of suppression, and enhance the power Of immunity from disease 80 AS to reach the aim of treatment Of coronary heart disease.