Treatment of 19 cases of cerebral thrombosis by qigong therapy of insertion points and whole leading

Author: Liu Xiangwen
Jilin Qigong Science Research Association, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 179 , Word Count: 1633

It is reported in the recent years in our country that Qigong therapy for Rome difficult and complicated eases of illness has worked many wonders. With the development of science secret Qigong has been understood and studied by more and more people. Practice proves that common people can understand and know the secret during a short period of training of certain method to cure diseases for patient and keep health for oneself. I used insertion points and whole leading to cure cerebral thrombosis with some effects, here is the report.

1. Material and method

Before treatment patients were with eye closed and into peace and quiet, relaxed under Qigong state, operators gave the treatment from head, neck, arms, back, hip, legs, chest to abdomen.
(1). head With two hands hugging ball thought Yang-bai, Touwei, Shangqing, Cuanzhu were pointed by two thumbs, with hands drawing a line along scalp to Fengch; three times at each point, ordering
hairs on scalp with five fingers to Fengchi for five minutes and Baihui was pointed back to Fengfu to Dazhui.
(2). Neck Fenghi was pointed by thumb and index finger of right hand, two thumbs clapped cervical vertebra to Dazhui 5 times, palms stimulated the back of neck to Dazhui to and for 5 times,
Riddle fingers blocked up the external acoustic meatuses with index fingers knocking at Fengfu 15-20 times.
(3). Arms Yun men and Jinjing were pointed by thumbs. Arms were pushed and pulled at the angle of 90 between arms and shoulders, at elbows Quchi and Xiaohai were pointed with thumb, middle finger and index finger together to rotate the spot at elbow 5-7 times. Laogong was pointed, Hegu and Shousanli were pointed by index finger and middle finger, scraping finger.
(4). Back Massaging wound Dazhui along spinal column from Changqiang to Baihui, Clapping Zhishi and pointing Zhangmen.
(5). Hip Pointing Zhibian and Huantiao for 2-3 minutes, rubbing Baliao to coccyx for 5-lO minutes.
(6). Legs pointing Weizhong, clapping Yinlingquan Yanglingquan, pointing Chengshan, clapping Zhaohai and Kunlun, pointing 8anyinjiao,Zusanli, Juequ, pulling with force the disease foot and turning inwardly.
(7) Forechest: Pointing Tiantu, Tanzhong and Jiuwei.
(8). Abdomen: Pointing Zhongwan, Shenque, Gaoshu, ZhongJi, touching abdomen for 3-5 minutes.
(9). Treating the focus in head for 5-10 minutes.

2. Course of treatment
One course of treatment has treatment six times.

3. Diagnosis Standard
19 cases were precisely detected in the First Hospital Baiqiuen Medical University with CT. Before treatment patients had semiplegia to different extent, function and language disturbances and other obvious clinical symptoms and passed acute period.

4. Case analysis
Among them, made 12, female 7, max. age 62, min. age 50, course of disease less than 5 months to more than 5 years.

5. Effective Standard
(1). Basic cure: After one or two course of treatment symptoms aid signs basically disappeared patients may act on the ground and Dived by themselves.
(2). Obvious cure After one course symptoms and signs got better obviously, muscle force of plegia limbs was advanced two levels. Patients can tit up and walk with the help of other.
(3). Effective cure After one course, symptoms and signs got better, muscle force was advanced more than two levels.
{4). No effect After one course, symptoms and signs did not have obvious changes.

6. Analysis of results

In 19 cases, male 12, there were 3 cases cured (25Xl, 3 cases obviously cured (25X), 5 cases effectively cured (41.29X), 1 case cured with no effect (8.33%), female 7, there were 1 case cured (14.29%), 4 cases obviously cured (57.4%), 1 case effectively cured (14.29X) and 1 case with no effect. Total effective rate was 89.47X (see table 1).
Relationship between sex and effect
Male 12, 11 cases effective, 1 case with no effect female 7, 6 cases effective, 1 case with no effect Statistical results x = 0.16, P>0.05 indicated that the relation between sex and effect was not striking (see table 2).

Age and effect

13 cases less than 50 years old 12 cases effective, 1 case with no effect. 6 cases more than 50 years old, 5 cases effective, lease with no effect. statistical results x =0.35, P>0.05 indicated that relation between age and effect was not striking. (see table 3)
Medical history and effect
11 cases effective and 2 cases without effect more than 5 months, 6 cases effective less than 5 months. Statistical result B+ 0.05 indicated that there was no striking difference. The treatment for long medical history was the same for short. (see table 4)
Times and effect ±
4 cases effective and 2 cases ineffective less than 6 times 13 cases effective more than 6 times, statistical results X = 4.86, P<0.05 indicated that the more times of treatment the better effect of curing (see table 5).

7. Typical cases (omitted)

8. Discussions

The method in this paper is a theory of combination of Qigong and massotherspy, Qigong massage is different from general massotherapy,general massotherapy is based on theories of Chinese medical Yin and Yang of five elements, meridians and organs and the cultivation of blood and energy stream to treat according to Chinese medical dialectical principle, but the method mentioned here is that operator must have the training of Qigong, run energy stress from dantian to hands and act on the patients' body, another is the selection of points along meridians and the active and quiescent combination. Meridians are channels for blood and energy stream circulations, if only meridians are kept fluent can the circulation run regularly, there are interchange of information between-operator and patients in focus which can not be compared with other therapies.

Moreover Qigong point insertion is different from others, which acted on not by fore but the energy stream from operators. It is considered in modern science that external energy stream is a kind of magnetic field, particle flow and energy, on the other hand, mind and spirit and cognition of patients should be pushed forward to regulate themselves which is also different from others.

The method stresses on the whole leading from head, neck, arms, branches, hip, legs, forechest and abdomen in turn, pays such attention to head and Du meridian, thus not only nervous functional area in head is cured but also focus in scrap to guide and adjust the circulation of blood and energy stream in meridians.

Cerebral thrombosis is angiostenosis or embolism caused by cerebral artery intima disease to bring about cerebrohyphoid oxygen deficit which features semiplegia and other nervous and functional disturbances in the clinical symptoms. The disease belongs to endogenous wind-2vil in Chinese medical theory, which are mainly due to deficiency of liver and Kidney Yin, wind syndrome caused by sthenic liver Yang, bleeding resulting from abnormal rising of vital energy or phlegm clapped by endogenous wind evil, chaotic running of blood and vital energy and disturbances of light apertures. Main purpose of treatment is to calm down liver wind, to turn phlegm into nothing, to guide meridians through and to normalize and regulate vital energy and blood.

The stimulation of scrap with fingers enhance the expanding and the blood capacity of head to be better for cerebrohyphoid deficiency of oxygen. Meanwhile functional area of scrap can be stimulated. It is considered that there is closely relation between head and meridians of organs. Six Yang meridians of head and foot are all reaching head, some of six Yin meridians are circulating in head. Many important Shu points are distributed on head, play an important role in the treatment of clinical symptoms caused by head disease, in the treatment of neck, Fengchi, Fengfu, Touwen are selected to calm down liver wind, resolute fire, decrease phlegm and turn on and off apertures, the treatment of spinal column can adjust du meridian. It was said in Research on the Bight Extra-channels that 'du meridian is the sea of Yang meridians', 'du includes all Yang meridians'. Du meridian circulates the spinal column into the brain which is the sea Of Barrow or nerve centre. Compendium of Materia Medica said the brain was the place of true spirit, the capital of every activities of spirit and vital energy and the manager of every activities of spirit and vital energy of meridians.

Peinting along the two sides of spinal column can stimulate Shu points of all organs and regulate the functions organs. It is considered that spleen guides muscles of four limbs and-Kidney guides marrow and bone.

The treatment Of abdomen is in fact the regulation of Ren meridian which is responsible for all Yin meridians.

The treatment of four limbs combines Yangsing channels of hand and foot with the points of Shao-Yang and taiyang. Because there are more vital energy and blood in Yangming channels which passes through paths, the true energy stream can nourish, with the point of muscle collection Yanglingquan and the point of marrow collection Juegu auxiliary.

In all the treatment method can be summarized as follows main point is the treatment of head, auxiliary is the treatment of solid and hollow organs, with points pointed and inserted and the whole body guided.
It is very difficult to learn Qigong and send out external energy stream to cure diseases . The practice proved that common people can send out external energy to keep health for themselves and cure diseases for patients, through 20 days' training.

I found in practice that the loss of energy stream did not harm the body nature and influence health of operator in the treatment.

Qigong therapy of inserting points and whole leading cured 19 cases of cerebral thrombosis with obvious effect in the latest period of observation, because of the time limit the observation of long period has not been got, but the method is really a good method for curing cerebral thrombosis, being simple, economic, without drugs, less pain and easily accepted.

Table 1. Treatment observation of 19 cases

sex No.of cure % obvious % effective % no %
cases effect

male 12 3 25.00 3 25.00 5 41.67 1 8.33

female 7 1 14.29 4 57.14 1 14.29 1 14.29

total 19 4 21.05 7 36.84 6 31.58 2 10.53

Table 2. Sex and effect

sex effective % no effect % total

male 11 91.66 1 8.33 12

female 6 85.71 1 14.28 7

total 17 89.47 2 10.52 19

Table 3. Age and effect

age cases cure obvious effective no effect effective rate

<50 13 3 5 4 1 92.3

>50 6 1 2 2 1 83.3

Table 4. Medical history and effect .

history effective % no effect % total

>5 months 11 84.61 2 15.38 1

<5 months 6 100 O 6

total 17 89.47 2 15.38 19

Table 5. Curing times and effect

times effective no effect total

<6 4 2 6

>=6 13 O 13

total 17 2 19