Qigong cures Behcet’s disease

Author: Feng Fushou
Neijiang Central Hospital of Management, Heilongjiang, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 170 , Word Count: 221

Behcet's Disease is a kind of chronic recurrent disease. The pathology i mainly changes the vasculitis symptoms. The clinical manifestation is: oral mucosal ulcer, perineum and reproductive organs ulcer, soit is also called Beheet's triple syndrome.

When the disease attacks, the patient is suffered from it, the patient may lose his sight by injured to the eyes, when the pathologic change attacks the patients heart, liver, kidney and other important viscera can endanger his life.

The cause of this disease has not been clarified yet. Much of curing methods, but the curative effect is not satisfied, and still not be protected against recurrent.

We cured this disease for five patients with Qigong, observing them for more than one year, and have received the effects of either remitting the symptom or protecting it against recurrent. It is easy painless and has provided a effective measure for curing Behcets Disease.

The manner which we choose are: relaxing gong, tortoise rest gong, Shao Lin gong of internal exercise to standing upside down with a finger.

We have inquired to the mechanism of Behcets Disease cured by Qigong: Qigong can build up immunologic function, increase the blood flow volume of the concentration of minds improve nutriture, and promote the union of the oral mucosal ulcer with swallowing great amount of saliva and breathing much oxygen.