Treatment report of achalasia/dysphasia nervosa

Author: Chen Qisen
Breathing and Physical Health Centre, Malaysia [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 169 , Word Count: 278

Mr.Yao Kim Choa - Male technician Age 40
Mr.Yso is a technician for computers and electrical equipment and has been constantly under stress, being overworked and having irregular eating hours.

During the year 1974, as a result of over consumption of alcohol, he suffered from jaundice which further was complicated by a chronic digestive disorder. From 1984-1987 his health gradually deteriorated and he had difficulty in swallowing. He could only consume soft food and fluids resulting in him losing his appetite and causing him to suffer from anorexia.

Mr. Yao was unable to find helpful medication and was advised to consider surgery. He had even consulted local specialist and oversea's doctors. A specialist from Japan suggested he undergo an operation whereby tissues from the leg would be used to enlarge his esophagus. However, Mr.Yao, after some consideration though that it wasn't a very good idea to undergo such an operation.
In August 1988, he turned up at our centre to take up Qigong an a form of alternative therapy. We taught him the standing posture with certain slow movements to induce the internal force and gradually with the addition of movements accompanied by music to induce his 'Qi' flow in order to harmonize and balance his system. The training calmed him and removed the stress and tension he had been undergoing. Be followed our advice and practiced for half an hour 3 times daily. After 2 weeks he could swallow and eat porridge. Two months later his health was almost back to normal and X-rays showed that his esophagus had extended to 80% of the original size thus proving that the symptoms of Achalasia has subsided and unnecessary surgery was avoided.