Exploration of using emitted qi of qigong for curing Parkinsonism

Author: Chen Xinhua
China Research Institute of Qigong Science, Outpatient Dept fror Special Treatment,Shanghai Qigong Research Centre for Rehabilitation, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 163 , Word Count: 666

Nowadays, using Qigong art to cure many diseases already receives better effect, but the fixed curative effect can not be obtained for Parkinson’s disease until now. Through my exploration for more than two years, I cured hundreds Parkinson's patients with Qigong art and got the remarkable effect and obtained the break through progress.

Combining the theory of the Chinese traditional medicine and our clinical practice, we find that 'For permanent cure, ought to get at the root of disease' is one of the basic principles for Qigong treatment.

From the clinical symptoms, some of the patients are marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowered body resistance and some of them are marked by running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood, constipation, etc. Thus, the first principle is to fix the diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition, and the different treatment to be taken between ' Reinforce the weakness' and 'Weaken the sturdiness'.

For instance, some patients belong to the deficiency on kidney and vital energy. The clinical manifestation is lowing in sound and difficulty in chewing, which influences the disorder in the respiration system and saliva secretion system. It will be considered as deficiency type of disease and be taken mainly some reinforcing method.

If some of patients reveal the liverish symptom, hot temper, emotional fluctuation and accompanies with hypertension and constipation, these patients belong to overflowing type, and a reducing method should be mainly used for them.

The second principle is the 'Encourage healthy trends and check unhealthy ones.' Some of the patients often have the less in vital energy and more in unhealthy trends. The clinical manifestation displays not only the deficiency on the liver, kidney, vital energy and blood, but also the liverish symptom, hot temper, excessive phlegm and blood extravasation. Then a method of encouraging healthy trends and checking unhealthy ones would be used by the Qigong master.

The third principle is the control of Yin and Yang. The patient trembles on one side of the body. At the time of Qi emitting, the Qigong master can get the information of disorder on Yin and Yang at the patient's head. Thus the Qigong master would control the Yin and Yang, vital energy and blood state to get the equilibrium of them, which leads to the trembling diminishing and disappearing.

The fourth principle is to suit measures to each person, time and local conditions. We find that the surrounding, emotion and conditioned reflex will give much influence to the patient, and enable every patient to receive less influence, to increase the confidence and to obtain better curative effect.

Regarding the skill of the three turns, which is the bicultivation skill for character and life of Taoist Qigong. That is say to turn to Qi from semen, to turn to spirit from Qi and to turn to void from spirit. On this base, combining with finger press manipulation, it will enforce the current circulation of vital energy, blood state and main and collateral channels.

Recently I took some statistical analysis on fifteen patients, who came for curing on time with persistence. After one course of treatment (60 times), 7 patients got the obvious effect (46.67%), 5 patients got the better effect (33.33%) and 3 patients got the general effect (20%).

The standards for the obvious effect are:
1. The diminishing frequency and amplitude of tremble.
2. The interval time between two attacks is obviously prolonged.
3. Time of attacking is obviously reduced.

The standards for the better effect are:
1. The tremble is obviously weakened.
2. Dexterous and quick in walking.
3. Speaking in a loud voice, have basically the clear enunciation.

The standards for the general effect are:
1. Tremble diminishes at time of treatment with emitted Qi.
2. The patient has the relapses on state of illness.

We take 20-60 times as a curative course. Up until the present moment, at least the general effect is obtained after treatment. We have not heard or seen certain by-effect about it.