Programs to reform conventional teaching by applying qigong and psychological training

Author: Huang Yuanfu//Huang Zhihui
National University of Defense Technology of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 161 , Word Count: 499

It is an important problem on educational reform to reform the way to teach and improve the quality of teaching, it is also an important task laid in the face of sports workers. It is a direction of the reform on the teaching-sports-method to improve the quality of teaching by carrying on forward training-method of traditional Qigong of China and actively introducing advance teaching-method from abroad and combining these with conventional teaching.

So, we has been probing into this problem and has achieved some teaching effects. Its main method is:

1. to combine Qigong with imagination-training;
2. to combine relaxation of Qigong with psychological relaxation.

We divided the four classes in which there are 59 students whose average age is 19 into an experiment-group and a group of control, and apply the experimental method and the method of summation of experience to research.

We designed flow diagram of teaching-method which combines Qigong and imagination-training with conventional-teaching. It is a kind of system engineering of 'three dimensional controls which have a lot of systems, functions, administrative levels, exports, and imports and variations.

According to the experiment mentioned above, we divided three stages called in the original theory of sports on procedure of sports-skill-formation into five stages, and added two forms (namely: using polite formula to concert training, using selfspeech to deeper training) to the three imagination-training forms which were created and edited by the soviet psychologist, and turned the fundamental three training ways of traditional Qigong into five ways, as follows:

a. using idea to seek shape
b. using words to mould shape
c. using idea to introduce Qi
d. using shape to lead Qi
e. using Qi to introduce shape

We defined the demand of mind and body before these methods are put into effect and the programme and time when the methods are put into effect, and compiled these main points of movement to pithy formulas.

1. to combine Qigong, imaginary training with conventional teaching may quicken the formation of idea and deepen the conception of movement skills, shorten the duration in which the movement is from the extensive stage to automatic stage and improve the ability of formation of a pattern of power, and speed up the formation of falling into a pattern of power.

2. To combine Qigong with imaginary training may improve the student's intelligence and enthusiasm and concentrate the student's attention, strengthen the abilities to observe, think, create, remember and study on student's own. Besides, it may fully play the dominate role of teacher and give full play to student's main body and the first and the second signal system, and make the student study actively, creatively. So, we can improve the quality of teaching by organically combining teaching, thinking, and theory with studying, exercising and experience.

3. To combine relaxation of Qigong with psychological relaxation is such an effective means which remove the fatigue and recover the muscles' ability to work and stockpile that it can finish the teaching task better.