Influence the difference in the breathing method affects the Seika-Tanden and the center of gravity position

Author: Qu Guofeng 1//Asami T 2//Kato Y 3
Graduate School Of University Of Tsukuba [1]// Chukyo Women's University [2]// Medical College of Ibaraki Prefecture [3]
Conference/Journal: J Mind-Body Science
Date published: 2001
Other: Volume ID: 10 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 19-26 , Special Notes: Text in Japanese; abstract in English , Word Count: 408

The Tanden is one, the East-Wushu and care-of-health thought, and is the point built consciously. The Tanden is divided into the lower Tanden into a top, and usually says the thing of the lower Tanden also as the Seika-Tanden. The Tanden used by this research point out the thing of the bottom depths Tanden of a navel. Although the position of the Tanden is situated in the 2-3-sun place under a navel according to the East-classification, it is situated in the place of 57 centimeter under a naval by the method of a West classification. The center of gravity is the central point of the gravity that acts on the body. However, from the 'KichinTanden' which is one of the ways to practice breathing techniques of Chinese Wushu, the center of gravity conceived whether to move by the breathing method, and investigated the position relation between the Seika-Tanden and the center of gravity. A posture tended to be stabilized by the Relative Position posture and since change of a center of gravity position and a center of gravity position catches and was easy to be carried out, it measured the position of the Tanden and the center of gravity in a relative position posture in this research. The relation between the Seika-Tanden and the center of gravity aims at investigating how it changes by the difference in the breathing method. The result was as follows:

(1) Although the abdomen is situated I a 2 to 3 sun (about 5 to 7cm) place under a navel, the center of gravity is in the mist or a high place from the Seika Tanden.

(2) Carry out vertical movement of the center of gravity by a breath especially a belly type breath, or reverse formula breath, and it is larger of the movement below a top (1 to 2cm).

(3) There was almost no center of gravity movement in a common breath and a deep
breath, and it was unrelated to the existence of the breathing method.

(4) When the center of gravity move distance in a belly type breath and a reverse formula breath is seen, set to a reverse formula breath and it is a big difference at a training person, an experienced man, and an inexperienced person. It accepted. It is considered to have advanced explaining the abdomen thought of Chinese Qigong or Wushu scientifically greatly that a possibility that the center of gravity was in agreement with the abdomen by the breathing method was proved.