A newly developed scientific-philosophycal understanding of the near-death experience

Author: Takao M//Nonaka M
Kyushu University
Conference/Journal: J Mind-Body Science
Date published: 1999
Other: Volume ID: 8 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 9-18 , Special Notes: Text in Japanese; abstract in English , Word Count: 212

Introducing briefly two conflicting opinions of near-death experience: CD the phenomenon within brain and (2) the phenomenon of real experience, it clears that two facts are the keypoint for scientific understanding:
#1) Lack of oxygen in blood of brain causes increase in the secretion of narcotic material,
#2) A human being who experienced the near-death evolves in the high probability to the one having a high level abilities.

Since #1 is related to One Dimensional View of Material and #2 to Dimensional View of Spirit, there is shown that #1 and #2 can't be solved without recomposing those old paradigms of philosophy and The Dialectic One Dimensional Theory of Material-Spirit. The authors previously proposed this claim. On this base, in solving #1 and #2 by connecting the non-equilibrium thermodynamics, there is found the basic mechanism of bearing the high level consciousness in which a consciousness in the brain is elevating its energy revel due to the effect of a series of biochemical reactions, then generating Qi, the consciousness in the brain converts his phase to another one when its energy level is over some trigger value. At the same time, there is insight that the high level consciousness probably forms an autonomic scheme of energy-information composed of seven layers analogous to material world by repeating small cycles of degeneration and evolution.