Experimental application of qigong as an alternative to warming up before sporting activities

Author: Chu Yufan
Physical Education Dept, Hohai University, Nanjing, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 150 , Word Count: 971

The ultimate aim of Qigong is to put ones life in the best state. To promote the further development of the Qigong in the academics and improve the functionary effects of physical education classes, I applied Qigong in the preparatory part (warming up part) of the physical education class. Let's discuss.

Depending on the major contents and demands of a particular class, the preparatory part of the class is to ensure that the students warm themselves up. This will make the internal functions of the body come up to top harmonious coordination to adapt the needs of train load and program of the class.

According to the theory of the traditional Chinese medicine, the system of the channels and collateral of the human body are conduits of Qigong and Xue flow, that connect the superficial with the interior and the upper with the lower portions of the body and joints all the solid and hollow organs. Therefore, extending one's hand's back in a Qigong exercise could bring the lung channel of Hand-Taiyin, the Pericardium channel of the Hand-Jueyin and Heart channel of Hand-Shaoyin into plan and enhance the preparation for exercises of the heart and lungs. And this activity is effective enough that the participant such as the muscles, ligaments, joints and so on would be spread and limbered up in this Qigong state.

From the view points of certain Qigong techniques, for examples, the 'Technique of body building classical', its demand of exercise is similar to those of (isotonic of the equivalent tension) isometric training and (isometric) isodynamic training of muscle power of the sports exercises, that still enhances the function of commanding of the central nervous system and harmonizes functioning of major contracting muscle, opposite muscle, company muscle and fixed muscle. These are basic functions that enhance the muscular effort and master the art of sports and its techniques.

Combining the features of some traditional Qigong technique and physical Education classes, I arranged an art of the Qigong and made experiments in some of my physical education classes. The students practiced Qigong for 20-30 minute at the beginning of the class in the experiment class; the control experiment 20-30 minute in the part of their warming up. The major contents of the classes were same between them.

It can be observed that the experiments class students were enhanced 91.94%, 44% and 6% individually in the three basic body positions of the chin-up, push-up and broad-jump; the control experiments class students were correspondingly enhanced 42.98%, 32.45% and 2.54% in same events. The results show clearly that it has good effect in this aspect.

The experiment proved that the students did not experience any unhealthy phenomenon under the special demands of the class. They felt sound mind, neither did they experience any injuries but rather felt better and more energetic. They did not feel as tired after they practiced Qigong warming up, unlike those in the control experiment, it was better to learn the new contents (events) in the Routine part of the class. Ability of understanding and perfection of acting in students. Learning the art of sports were improved too.

Sporting activities are quite different from normal life activities. For example, the take off technique in long jump, from the hip joint-knee joint-ankle joint till the top of the foot, the whole body is supposed to be in accurately, harmonized sequence in exerting oneself physically. In the primary period of practicing, the students minds are always attracted by the facial appearance of the art of sport (event) when they learn (initiate) anything new, in particular, during psychomotor phase of the initial stages of learning their movements are tense, unsynchronize and faculty.

For example, during the long jump classes, the students find it difficult to straighten their knee joints and ankle joints. But in the Qigong practicing, the mind collects on the inner of the qi and Xue flowing (feeling ) and relaxing, the performances were done in subconsciousness, they are more conducive to good performances. During my long-jump teaching, in view of this problem, I took a part of the Qigong-Warming up of lower limbo exercising and applied it to assist in take off training and achieved good results. The students said their sleeping and appetite were improved and they felt full of vigor and recovered very fast from fatigue since joining the Qigong warming up claws. It improved the effect of the physical education class.

By the arrangements of the physical education classes in our university, the students have 120 classes hours in their first two years. Not only the classes' contents (events) are limited (less) but also most of the events they learned are not fit for continuous exercising after graduation to work position in the further. This was the result of a social investigation. We made with persons who had graduated from my university.

Qigong exercise is one of the best events that is not limited by time and condition but also very suitable for lifelong exercise. Application of Qigong to the part of warming up of

Physical education classes enable everyone to learn the Qigong under the usual teaching programs performed did not be affected by time constrains. It enriched the contents of the classes and enhanced the profound significance and effect of physical education class.

On the other hand, if it is 30 minutes once a class in two years there are 36 class hours, these make up 30 percent of the total class hour of the students, like this it could lay a good foundation for giving the professional Qigong courses in the higher grade's students.

In a word, I think, this is not only improving the quality and effect of the teaching and studying but also the Qigong cultivating affects well on one's Yuan Shen would not be replaced by any physical exercise and it is more advantageous to develop students' physically and mentally.