Three Cases in which Reduction of Tumor Size through Concomitant Use of CAM including Ki Therapy was Acknowledged

Author: Fukuoka A//Koyama Y//Fukuoka H//Ueda E////
Fukuoka Dental Clinic Research Laboratory of Integrative Medicine(Tokyo, Japan) [1]//Yamamoto Kinen Hospital(Kanagawa, Japan) [2]//JAPAN KIHODO Association(Tokyo, Japan) [3]//KAIKO Co,Ltd(Tokyo, Japan) [4]////
Conference/Journal: J Intl Soc Life Info Science
Date published: 2003
Other: Volume ID: 21 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 170-175 , Word Count: 234

We report three cases in which tumor reduction was observed through active, concomitant use of CAM including Ki Therapy. Case I A.F. 76 Years Old male Dentist, colonic tumor, no subjective symptoms. Resonance of tumor in descending colon was found through B.D.ORT. Endoscopic examination and histological tissue examination acknowledged a Tubular Adenoma (Group 3) of about 2.5cm in the same area. Later, after approximately two months of concomitant use of CAM including Ki Therapy, tumor size was reduced to about 1cm making endoscopic excision possible. Case II M.Y. 59 Years Old male Doctor, metastatic intrahepatic tumor, complained of defecation abnormality and weight loss. Through endoscopic examination and diagnostic imaging, a malignant tumor (Class V) in the large intestine and metastasis to the liver, respectively, were acknowledged. After excision of tumor in large intestine, chemotherapy was applied for approximately nine months. Following that, Ki Therapy was concomitantly used. A tendency for the metastatic intrahepatic tumor to decrease in size and become benign was acknowledged through diagnostic imaging. Case III T.S. 42 Years Old male White Collar Worker, cerebral aneurysm. Due to sequela of a traffic accident, MRI and cerebral angiography were performed on 2 August 1999 and aneurisms were acknowledged in two locations. Through concomitant use of Ki Therapy, reduction in aneurysms and improvement in blood flow were observed. Conclusion From the above, we report three cases of improved progress through concomitant use of Ki Therapy.