The Present Conditions and the Prospects of Somatic Research in China

Author: Xu Lanxu
President, Chinese Society of Somatic Science (Beijing, China)
Conference/Journal: J Intl Soc Life Info Science
Date published: 2002
Other: Volume ID: 20 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 379 , Word Count: 317

Te Yi Gong Neng (special human functions or consciousness power) is an important part of human body science. Chinese scientist Professor Qian Xue-sen has said. In China we have been carrying out research for 20 years, and a dispute has occurred about objectivity among the scientific community. The point at issue was the credibility of Te Yi Gong Neng phenomena; some scholars said that they were abnormal, others called them fakes which deviated from the principle of natural science and were magic, tricks, etc. People criticized and negated the phenomenon. On the other hand, some scholars accepted them with sincerity and studied them repeatedly. As a result of many measurements using scientific observations and all scientific means that can be used and inquiring, Te Yi Gong Neng reached a status that these were objective facts. Moreover, many nature orders were observed in the Te Yi Gong Neng. The human body is a macro system which is open, complicated and has consciousness. Qi and the circulatory system are important parameters hidden in the macro system called the human body, so studying the phenomena of Te Yi Gong Neng can not only deepen understanding of the human body, but also can lead to further progress in human society. This study may touch off the science in the 21st century and cause an even more meaningful scientific revolution that that brought by the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. Here we report some interesting results and theories that were studied about unique perception seen from many phenomena of Te Yi Gong Neng. Also, we introduce briefly some bold hypotheses in research on the mechanism of Te Yi Gong Neng, for example, Gong Neng Tai Shuo (special human functions state theory), a kind of electromagnetic field theory, and a multi-dimension space theory, etc. We hope this presentation promotes debate among the international scientists at the conference and reading the Journal of ISLIS.