Complementary healing therapies

Author: Wirth DP//Barrett MJ
Healing Sciences Research International, Orinda, CA
Conference/Journal: Int J Psychosom
Date published: 1994
Other: Volume ID: 41 , Issue ID: 1-4 , Pages: 61-7 , Word Count: 253

The effect of non-contact therapeutic touch (NCTT) in isolation and in combination with Reiki, LeShan, and Intercessory Prayer on the healing rate of full thickness human dermal wounds was examined utilizing a randomized, double-blind, within subject, crossover design. The protocol incorporated an integral biofeedback, guided imagery, and visualization/relaxation component in order to assess the influence of psychophysiological factors on the healing process. Biopsies were performed on the lateral deltoid in healthy subjects and assessed by two independent physicians for the rate of reepithelialization at day 5 and day 10. Subjects met as a group on odd numbered days for a one hour visualization/relaxation session which incorporated guided imagery with either a specific intent to heal their biopsy wound or a specific intent to relax. Treatment intervention included two NCTT healers or two mimic practitioners who worked in-person for a duration of 6 minutes per subject. LeShan and Intercessory Prayer healers worked at a distance and a Reiki healer worked in-person with the NCTT healers. On even numbered days, subjects were trained in hand temperature biofeedback with either a specific intent to heal or a specific intent to relax. Results showed significance for the treated versus the control group but in the opposite direction from that expected. Several factors could have contributed to the nonsignificance obtained including: (a) the natural healing ability of the two mimic practitioners; (b) the subjects' increased proficiency with the self-regulatory techniques; and (c) a carryover effect from the two NCTT healers and/or the Reiki, LeShan, or Intercessory Prayer healers.