Experimental study of the change of resistance and current of the human body’s skin before, during, and after qigong state

Author: Deng Mingzia//Gao Biqi//Li Xing//Xie Shanling//Ru Jing
Xian Medical University, Xi'an, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 104 , Word Count: 522

The human body's physiological function will change in qigong state. Then, what is the change to some body covered with biological physical targets 2. To answer this question, we have done some experiments to determine the change of the body skin resistance (R) and current (I) before, during and after qigong state, including 50 cases done by teachers and students who have had qigong training, and 10 cases done by those who have not. The circumstances are like this:

I. Experimental ways:

A. Content:

a. Measure the change of R and I between the thumbs and forefingers of the two hands, or between the forefingers of two hands.

B. Measure Instruments:

a.The DC bridge with one arm QJ21 degree to measure the R.

b.The DC current meter AC15/G degree (graduation valuation) to measure the I.

C. Ways:

a. Order the man to wit the stool calmly and put the input electrode to the thumbs and forefingers or to forefingers of his two hands;

b. Write down the data before qigong state;

c. write down the data what he does during Qigong state from 5 to 15 minutes;

d. write down the data from 3 to 5 minutes after Qigong state.

II. Note of the experiment:

A. Of giving 50 cases' data of R and I before, during and after qigong state. We only giving several cases for reference:

R(K) I(checker)
No. name before during after before during after
1 'Guo' 78 240 58 500 170 590
2 'Deng' 690 1090 800 60 0 -40
3 'Xie' 1810 2700 1600 -28 -17 -23
4 'Li' 1190 1590 1200 -23 20 30
5 'Zhang' 1100 3700 300 120 30 130

B. Of giving 10 cases' data of R and I who have not trained before, during and after the calm state. We only give 5 cases for reference:

R(K) I(checker)
No. name before during after before during after
1 'Jin' 250 240 117 -50 0 50
2 'Chen' 95 89 70 -50 10 150
3 'Ma' 63 51 43 70 10 40
4 'Yan' 620 800 890 135 65 320
5 'Zhang' 130 134 63 350 75 460

C. Giving 15 cases' of the data it graph about R and I changing from 15 to 60 minutes. We only give two cases for reference:

III.Effect and Discussion:

Through the experiments, we have drawn a conclusion:

A. In the normal state, different person's skin has different R and I, even any one himself has different R and I at different time and on different condition. It maybe due to different person with different condition, even person himself keeps on moving and changing without stopping.

B. The same person who have not had qigong training or had it just for a short time his R and I change slightly and irregularly. For those who have had qigong training R increase and his I decreases in total. The more qigong he trains, the fire it changes. It maybe because the brain is inhibited so that its movement becomes slow when he is in qigong state.

C. Different person has different I direction in measurement, and the same person himself sometimes has different direction at different time. We will be going into research the cause.

According to these mentioned above, we think that the body's skin resistance and current change can reflect some change of body's physiological function in qigong state. It can be acted as measuring parameter to determine qigong state and can be acted as one of the targets to measure people's qigong level.