Effect on sensational deafness by external force of qigong

Author: Yang Guisheng 1//Wang Jidong 1//Ren Huilan 2//Tiao Xiaodong 2
Shandong Provincial Research Association of Qigong Science, Shandong, China [1] //Dept of Otorhinolaryngelogy, Shandong Medical University Hospital, Shandong, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 99 , Word Count: 132

Ten male guinea pigs that had injected Kanamycin 500 mg per day, per kilogram for five days were induced sensational deafness. 15 days latter, brain stem response (BSR) was used to measure objective hearing. When BSR wave was not measured clearly, guinea pig's ear were exposed to the external force of qigong to observe the change of response wave.

Result: when more than 45 bd sound were given, BSR response wave was not measured. We gave external force to ears, no response wave recorded. Another 10 ears recorded no response wave at 20-30 db. External force of qigong were exposed to ears immediately, then 6 ears record response wave at 20-30 db, especially, waves improve clearly. It is proved that external force of qigong could be used to treat sensational deafness. The less deafness got, the better.