The experience of therapeutic touch for novice recipients

Author: Sneed NV, Olson M, Bonadonna R
Conference/Journal: J Holist Nurs
Date published: 1997
Other: Volume ID: 15 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 243-53 , Word Count: 146

This study explored the experience of receiving Therapeutic Touch (TT) from the point of view of recipients with no prior experience with TT. Eleven female graduate students who were part of a larger study were interviewed after the second of two TT sessions and statements from the transcripts were analyzed for words, phrases, or sentences that fell into one of five categories: (a) relaxation, (b) physical sensations, (c) cognitive activity, (d) emotional (feelings), and (e) spiritual/transcendent. All participants reported feeling relaxed and had physical sensations and cognitive activity during the TT sessions, and most of the statements fit into these categories. Fewer statements reflected emotional or spiritual experiences and not all participants had these experiences. The sensations associated with TT may occur developmentally. Initially, physical and cognitive experiences are identified. The deeper, meaningful sensations may occur after an individual has more experience with the intervention.