The inhibitory effect of qigong music for lung tumor induction in mice

Author: ChuWeizhong 1//Jiang Donglian 2////
Shanghai Qigong Institute, China [1] //Shanghai Cancer Institute, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 94 , Word Count: 250

1. Materials and method

88 body weight about 20 gm females c57BL mice are treated with urethane dosage is l mg per l gm of body weight in 10% solution, intraperitoneal injection. Then divided into two groups randomly, 48 are control and 40 are experimental, bred in 20 degrees centigrade room temperature with conventional diet, but separated in different room.

On the second day the experimental group mice began to hear qigong music that is a kind of Chinese ancient traditional music, it is very slow, soft and balmy, 2 hours per day and 6 days per week for 4 months.

Four months later all mice are sacrificed for autopsy and registered the lung tumor number in each mouse for statistics.

2. Results

(1) The percentage of lung tumor induction in mice.

The experimental group was 87.5%, control groups was 100.0 %, the difference between two groups was significantly (p<0.05).

(2) The mean lung tumor number.

The experimental group was 2.73±2.18 per mouse; control group was 4.35±2.61 per mouse, the difference between two groups was very significantly (p<0.005).

3. Discussion and conclusion

We had observed that high tonic noise that enhance the lung tumor induction in mice. Now we proved that slow, soft and balmy music, such as the Chinese traditional qigong music exhibit some preventive effect in lung tumor induction.

From mimic qigong test in mice, it was revealed that qigong may not only improve cancer patients rehabilitation but also prevent the induction and recurrence of cancer. Obviously qigong music is essential.

Co-workers: Song Lifing, Dang Geng, Chen Weijue, Wu Lueqin, Ma Weiming et al.