Action on NAD of human body field (measurement of UV spectral changes)

Author: Wa Dazhi//Zhang Anqi//Qi Wenqi//Chen Lixing//Liu Baodui
Material Dept of U.S.T.C., Central of Structure Analysis, Dept Applied Chemistry, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 85 , Word Count: 405

By the help of the ultra-violet spectro-photometer, we monitored the change of the ultra-violet absorption of NAD before and after the technician on qigong sent his emitted qi on it. The experiments showed that some spectral crests vanished evidently while some other spectral crests broadened, and there were also other changes happened. What we got from the experiments are the objectivity of the emitted qi and its strong action on the prettiness, which acts an important roll in enclosing the nature of qigong and mechanism of its medical treatment.


Though the existence and scientific of emitted qi are of violent controversy in society and academic circles, more and more academic circles have begun to pay attention to qigong, still more and more scholars not only admit it, but also study it. (1). We have studied the action of emitted qi on human cardiovascular system and the brain functions, and advanced the explanation of field of human body. (2). Further experiments indicated that field of human body have the performance of the electromagnetic field to some extent. (3). Recently, the strong action on NAD of emitted qi has been got from the experiments. We can prove it by some changes of the ultra-violet absorption spectrum.


Samples: The satured solution of NAD, 50% acetone solution was used as solvent at 10 C indoor temperature. The measurement of ultra-violet absorption:

The HITACHI W-240 ultra-violet spectral photometer was used to scan successively within the range of Ohm--390 Ohm wave length. The sample block is 0.5 cm quartz. Management: the samples to be measured were put in the and covered. The technician of qigong had sent his emitted qi on samples for about 5 minutes at indoor temperature. The ultra-violet absorption of the samples were measured before and after the emission separately.


The results got from the experiments are showed in Fig. 1. in which the curve 1 is the ultra-violet absorption spectrum before emission, while the curve 2 is the after. The two curves show great differences. The absorption crest at 250 nm vanished after the emission, and at 210 nm, the absorption crest not only increased its absorption but enlarged its width. There are also some small differences of the two curves can be got from Fig l. These results show that when Liu Baogui, the technician on qigong, sent emitted qi, his field of human body has evident action on the ultra-violet absorption of NAD; and the molecular structure of NAD has also changed.