The difference in EEG theta waves between concentrative and non-concentrative qigong states--a power spectrum and topographic mapping study

Author: Pan W//Zhang L//Xia Y
Department of Acupuncture, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Conference/Journal: J Tradit Chin Med
Date published: 1994
Other: Volume ID: 14 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 212-8 , Word Count: 101

The differences in EEG theta waves between concentrative and non-concentrative Qigong states were studied by means of power spectrum analysis and EEG mapping. The adult subjects included 20 practitioners of concentrative Qigong, 30 practitioners of non-concentrative Qigong and 23 control subjects. The results showed frontal mid-line theta rhythm was related to concentrative Qigong state. As the theta rhythm has been suggested to be one of the normal EEG patterns occurring in mental concentration, it is concluded that the theta rhythm is an indicator of mental concentration during Qigong state. This finding clarifies the implication of the theta rhythms appearing in Qigong and other meditation.