The taiji pattern -- the true features. Part I

Author: Xia Shuangquan
Wuhan Physical Education College, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 78 , Word Count: 350

Encephala of Inclnograph Technology (ET) is adopted here. The super-distanced effection of qigong of advanced qigong master Xia Shuangquan has been studied experiment after experiment after experiment for nearly two years. There are about 25 million data. Two pieces of discoveries have been found. One of them is ET Taiji graph. Here are some new views from Taiji graph of ET.

I. The outer verge is black ellipse, it displays the whole concept of the formal course, and the cycle system of the orbit of the-celestial body conveyance. The black circle is black hole, inside it is the other hole. It is the head programme of realizing and analyzing matters.

II. The connotation is blue like the space, consisting in various energies, elements, information fields. The state of chaos spread all over the entire circle.

The realm and energy in the state of qigong is just connected with the great nature, therefore, it has the material foundation.

III. In the energy were male and female, Ying and Yang.

That is to say, Eryi produces Sixiang. Eight points were on the outer verge. This is the rule of notional changes.

VI. The link connecting YinYang is the S wave curve, the opening is the physical principle of biological electronic coupling's reproduction; the closing is the zero state of qigong which can be adjusted to the holohedral.

S wave exposes that everything is the natural law of curve
and spiral movement. It is the orbit to Taoism.

V. Human being is the spirit of everything. The spirit is that human beings have developed brains of extraordinary wit. The point of spirit can be the newly-discovered qigong graph of ET.

The actual physiological reactions and scientific data analysis clearly conforms that the Taiji pattern prescribed by pre-philosophers thousands of years ago is convincible and scientific. The German scientific giant Nebletz discovered from eight-divinatory symbols of Taiji and YinYang the spirit of dinal maths and arithmetic into computer. It promoted the rapid development of the whole scientific technology. This great effect shows that the graph of Taiji is scientific, it is the lighthouse shining science.