Eyesight-improving qigong exercise effective for teenagers in treating myopia

Author: Lin Y//Zhang J//Gao J//Xu J/////
Shanghai Research Institute of Qigong, Shanghai, China
Conference/Journal: Qigong & Health
Date published: 1991
Other: Volume ID: 1 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 33-36 , Word Count: 242

Teenage pupils are susceptible to myopia whose incidence among students has so far not been easy to control. It is a commonly and frequently encountered disease to which great importance has been attached both at home and abroad. According to written records on qigong in ancient China, qigong practice enables practitioners to see and hear well, and therefore they have a tendency to become more intelligent. In recent years, an extensive investigation on qigong treatment of myopia has been made throughout the country and a number of qigong exercises have been developed which are repeated to have obtained certain therapeutic effects. We chose the Eyesight-improving qigong Exercises to Treat Teenagers' Myopia (ESIQ) Exercise created by Bin Yinfen for experimentation. The characteristic of this exercise lies in the improvement of myopia within one. The exercise is performed in four steps in approximately 30 minutes. The therapeutic effects will provide better results when this exercise is repeated at the time of reexamination after 15-20 day interval. It is, therefore, an effective, safe, simple and timesaving exercise. Since 1982, we have collaborated with Bin Yinfen and her unit to study and observe primary and middle school pupils, and nonschool youngsters. The results obtained have shown that they improve their vision in a varying degree after one-session treatment; the higher the vision is before treatment, the more effective the treatment is. The effects are mcuh better after 2 sessions (see chart).

The paper contains 4 tables of results and analysis.