Observation of Therapeutic Results of 40 Cases of Diabetes II Treated with Qigong and Mechanism Exploration

Author: Xie YH//Yang SM
Qigong Research Institute of Nanying University of TCM
Conference/Journal: 8th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 73 , Word Count: 100

Based on the understanding of diabetes with the TCM and western medicine theories, Qigong for Preventing and Treating Diabetes is developed by combining the exercises of Qigong to regulate the body, the breathing and the mind together This special exercise of Qigong is the wisdom crystallization of the experts and professors working in the Qigong Research Institute, Nanjing University of TCM. Years of clinical observation show that this special kind of Qigong works on patients. In this article, therapeutic results of 40 cases of the diabetes II treated with Qigong are collected for deep research on the functional mechanism of Qigong.