Effects Of Qigong Life Style Therapy On Intractable Diseases-Its Effects On Intractable Diseases.

Author: Unuma H//Obitsu R
Obitsu Sankei Hospital, Japan
Conference/Journal: 8th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 47 , Word Count: 195

Obitsu Sankei Hospital has been proposing holistic medicine as the most pioneering hospital in Japan and, in particular, emphasizing the importance of qigong from its beginning.

The qigong practiced at the hospital can be categorized into three styles which are called Nei-qigong, Wai-qigong and Zuchangdai-gong. Nei-qigong is self-training and prepare about 1O kinds qigong classes such as Yangmingshi-Yai-chi, Zhineng-gong and Chowado breathing technique. For Wai-qigong, a practitioner who emits qi energy to treat a patient and we have two practitioners including the director of the hospital, Zuchangdai-gong
is group therapy and performed by a guide who controls the qi field. We have two classes for this such as Yuanji-gong and Zhongguo-Taiji- Wuxing-gong.

Life style therapy based on qigong is accomplished when two basic principles, 'doctor patient union' and 'good cycle of support,' carry through these methods of qigong.

By practicing life-style therapy based on qigong, in fact, there are not a few patients who have made an incredible recovery from illness which medical science cannot mention. In this thesis, we discuss the practical meaning of this therapy after presenting several cases of patients with advanced cancer, spinal cord injury and aftereffect of cerebral infarction.