Model Establishment of Four-Way Determination of Physiological Data and Application in Evaluation of Qigong exercises

Author: Zhang Y//Zhang W//Xu J
Shanghai University of TCM, Qigong Institute (Shanghai, China)
Conference/Journal: 8th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 1-2 , Word Count: 251

On the basis of successfully development of four-channel physiological information detection card and related application software, by adopting the technology of synchronous collection of breath, ECG-I, EEG-I (C5 and C6) and the FFT treatment of 32K sampling points, we obtained 12 pieces of 0-50 HZ Power Spectrum (PS) respectively from one Jindan-gong coach and one Neidan-gong coach at three stages of Qigong exercise. Under the condition of known Qigong physiological general character in the PS, by defining 4 channels at each piece of PS, we established two different coach models according to some personal characters i.e., distribution rule of 12 pieces of PS and synchronizing rule of four physiological information. With exception of this, each model includes the computer operation pattern and allocation of contribution of 12 pieces of PS in order to emphasize the feature of coach individual Gongfa. With the same method, by the order, we also got 12 pieces of PS from 90 Qigong exercisers at three stages of Qigong exercise. Referring to two established coach models, taking the similar degree of PS within 48 channels as the basis, with the comparison operation of the model and the evaluating sample by the computer, we obtained orderly the evaluating score of the current Qigong degree of 90 exercisers. The result shown the evaluating score by the computer was linear matching to the visual different degree of PS at the screen and it is sure when conforming between the model and the subject coach, the evaluating score of Qigong exerciser by the computer was high or otherwise.