Study on the Mechanism of Contraction of Disease and the Method of Treatment in Oriental Medicine

Author: Miura O
Dept. Oriental Medicine, Mippon Medical School (Tokyo, Japan)
Conference/Journal: J Intl Soc Life Info Science
Date published: 2001
Other: Volume ID: 19 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 427-431 , Word Count: 239

In Oriental medicine, the power to prevent disease and to sustain the health, namely, the life force and the power of resistance, is called Zheng Qi (Sei-ki). In contrast, the force that brings on disease.i.e.the power to disturb health, is called Xie(Ja). Xie is divided into two kinds: one that appears in the outer world of natural phenomena, and the other, within the body. In Oriental medicine, the mechanism of contraction of disease, fundamental understanding of disease conditions, and the principle methods of treatment are theorized on the basis of Zheng Qi and Xie. Disease is contracted under the following two conditions. The first is a condition in which Zheng Qi is weakened (the shortage of Zheng Qi). This is called Xu Zheng. The second is a condition in which Xie overpowers Zheng Qi. The second condition is further devided into two cases: one where Zheng Qui is normal, and the other where Zheng Qui is weakened. The former is called Shi Zheng, and the latter, the combination of Shi Zheng and Xu Zheng, or the mixed condition of Xu Shi. Shi Zheng and Xu Zheng are fundamental concepts for comprehending the disease conditions. For Shi Zheng, the principle method of treatment is to get rid of Xie; this treatment is called Qu Xie Fa. For Xu Zheng, the principle method is to reinforce Zheng Qi, which is called Bu Fa or Fu Zheng Fa