Mechanism for treatment of diseases in nervous system with qigong Waiqi

Author: Wang Ximin////
Jiamusi College, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 67 , Word Count: 183

This paper is to study on the mechanism for treatment by qigong 'waiqi.' The author compared rheoencephalography, systolic and diastolic pressures pulse pressure, rhythm of the heart, index of blood-supply, etc., before and after the treatment and studied electroencephalogram during 'waiqi' treatment. It was found that 'waiqi' had a two-direction regulation for above parameters, i.e. making higher parameters decrease, lower ones increase but not affecting normal levels. Some electroencephalograms showed that the patients were from consciousness into rapid eye movement sleep while they accepted 'waiqi.' Some showed similar changes to those exercise qigong, which had an increase in waves and reversed from occipital lobe to frontal lobe. Common feature was an increase in synchronous activities on electroencephalogram. It was more important that animal experiments showed that qigong 'waiqi' has obvious effects on wave III of blood pressure in rabbit.

According to above animal and clinical experiments, the author suggests the mechanisms for treatment by qigong 'waiqi' the 'waiqi' regulate functions of cerebral cortex, autonomic nerve system and cardiovascular system and reconstructs and coordinates relationship of cerebral cortex and autonomic nerve.