Dr. Sha’s power healing: four Chinese secrets to heal body, mind, and soul

Author: Sha Zg
Conference/Journal: 4th World Congress on Qigong & 4th American Qigong Assoc Conf
Date published: 2001
Other: Special Notes: Sponsored by the East West Academy of Healing Arts, 530 Bush Street, Suite 202, SF, CA 94108 , Word Count: 191

In this intensive Master Training workshop, Master Sha offers you the essence and the deepest secrets of self-healing and healing, from 5,000 years of Chinese culture, including energy healing and spiritual healing practices. The Four Chinese Secrets to Heal Body, Mind and Soul, which is the title of
Master Sha’s forthcoming book, are Body Secrets‚ Mouth Secrets, Brain Secrets and Secrets of Soul. Parts of the Secrets have been practiced successfully by millions of people in China throughout its 5,000-year history. They have never been revealed in their entirety to the public before. They are secrets to people in the West. They are secrets even to the Chinese people because these Secrets have been hidden and practiced only by the Masters. A Master may pass deep understanding and insights of the Four Chinese Secrets to only one or two chosen disciples in his or her lifetime. Join Master Sha in this unique and unprecedented opportunity to gain true Master-level knowledge and power, not only for your own energy and soul development, but also to serve the world. Good things, shining things, exciting things are waiting to welcome you in this course.