Usefulness of controlled breathing in psychiatry. A review of recent findings. Part 1 - Eastern approach

Author: Katarzyna Klasa1, Jerzy A Sobański1, Krzysztof Rutkowski1
1 Uniwersytet Jagielloński Collegium Medicum, Wydział Lekarski, Katedra Psychoterapii.
Conference/Journal: Psychiatr Pol
Date published: 2023 Feb 28
Other: Volume ID: 57 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 207-222 , Special Notes: doi: 10.12740/PP/146824. , Word Count: 172

The topic of this review is the clinical usefulness of techniques involving controlled breathing, based on Eastern traditions, aimed at restoring autonomic balance in psychiatry. Although these techniques have a long tradition as "relaxation methods", they gain additional meaning in the context of prolonged stress resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This review, however, is not limited to the pandemic; it also focuses on recent findings regarding clinical populations and provides basic information on the biological mechanisms of respiration and related markers (respiratory rate - RR and heart rate variability - HRV) and their use as effect indicators in research on the population of patients with mental disorders. On the basis of the available data from empirical studies and previous systematic and narrative reviews, it is possible to indicate the possible benefits of using techniques based on controlled breathing as a complementary method in the treatment of a number of mental health disorders. Possible side effects associated with the proposed techniques are also discussed.

Keywords: HRV; RR; controlled breathing.

PMID: 37350725 DOI: 10.12740/PP/146824