Comparison between qigong and psychic indication

Author: Wang X//Men J Z//Cheng Z K
Dept of Neurology, First Military Medical College of P.L.A.(Nan Fang Hospital), China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 47 , Word Count: 444

With the advance of qigong science .The knowledge to qigong has been widened and deepened and some suspicious is that qigong is only kind of psychic indication. The following experiment is given to study whether there is some difference between qigong to psychic indication.


Thirty cases, ages 15-25, 20 males, 10 females, all with the certificated above the middle specialized school and no experience in qigong exercise. Every case was lying in a short bed, closing his (other) eyes, loosing himself (herself) when being tested. Light, temperature are moderate in excitement.

The tester used qigong and psychic indication to experiment his cases: (1) psychic indication: The case was told being given wai qi; (2) Tester gave out his wai qi to cases after the cases being told given wai qi; First, tester use his idea to give out his wai qi to the cases and then use his sword finger to give cases wai qi; The cases were told to express their feeling and locate it by words. Tester X. Wang. Acting Tester Z. K. Cheng. (The tester did not touch the case.)


1. The percentage of feeling
Psychical indication idea given out wai qi sword finger
given out Wai Qi.
number 2 23 2
percentage 6.7% 77.7% 93.3%

2. The percentage of positions and their comparison
Psychical indication idea given out wai qi sword finger
given out wai qi.
number percentage number percentage number percentage
1 3.3% 13 43.0% 14 46.7%
1 3.3% 18 60.0% 21 70.0%
0 0.0% 15 50.0% 17 57.0%
Statistic treatment:
P 1.2 < 0.01 P 1.3 < 0.01 P 2.3 < 0.05


The result given the signs: qigong given out wai qi is obviously different from the psychic indication (X2(1.2) and X2(1.3) both less than X2(0.01) P << 001).

At the same time we had taken up experiment to study the wat qi's reflect on adult's EEG.

Seven cases (ages 32-62, 6 professors and 1 technical) are all healthy, and one of them has nervous diseases. All their quiet common eeg's have been recorded, previously to be compared it with those after being giving wai qi. The doctor X. Wang gave out wai qi. Every case was giving wai qi once a week for one to three weeks.

The result is that EEGs in all cases have changed. Their results as follows :

(1). The alph-waves index increased, wave's figure standardized and emerged earlier and synchronized in every parts of the brain.

(2). Former beta waves changed to alph-wave after being wai qi.

(3). One case appeared Q-waves increase besides the alpha-waves index increase. The results given brings out signs: (l).qigong wai qi can induce changes in adults EEG. (2). The degree of changes in EEG may have something to do with energy or Gong -Li of Qi -Gong Dr's wai qi. (3). They are helpful to find out the mechanism of the EEGs generation.