The Mechanisms and Applications of Bigu in Treating Cancer & Chronic Diseases

Author: He B//Zhong L
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 52 , Word Count: 263

Fuqi Bigu, eat nothing but Qi (the Qi here is the energy source of the universe), is one of the secret method for the Qigong practitioners to maintain a good health and enjoy the longevity. More and more Qigong practitioners have used this ancient secret technique in combating the chronic disease and get rapid progress in Qi cultivation.
As a common sense, human depends on food to live. Therefore, how can a person enjoy a good health and longevity by eating nothing but Qi?

1. The Mechanism of Fuqi Bigu
* Where do we gain the energy source for living? In fact, all living beings in the earth gain their energy sources from the universe with different techiques.
* We living beings basically gain the nutrition supplies such as protein, carbohydrate, etc. from the plants. And the plants gain the nutrition from the sun, rain, and all essences of the universe. By Fuqi Bigu, we, the living beings depending on food for living, cut off all the nutrition transform chains, directly absorb the nutrition from the universe - like most tree and few animals do.

2. The applications of Fuqi Bigu in Treating Cancer & Chronic Diseases
Benefits by Fuqi Bigu to cancer and chronic diseases patients:
* Effectively clean up the digestive system;
* Effectively eliminate toxin in blood, cells, as well as the internal organs.
* Immediately activate immunity
* Immediately cut off the nutrition supply of cancer cells
* Stimulate self-healing & regeneration power
* Improve the quality of Qigong practice

3 Same Example of the Successful Cases.
Cases on cancer patients recovery with Bigu
Cases on chronic diseases completely recovery in weeks.