Development of Qigong and the Fake Qigong Phenomenon

Author: Lin Zhongpeng
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 51 , Word Count: 399

Qigong can be defined as the 'self-training method through tempering consciousness to improve health of both body and mind.' This definition has threefold meanings: about the method, it is the exercise of consciousness; about the purpose, it is for the improvement of health of both body and mind; about the mode, it is a form of self-training. Many people tend to mistakenly think of Qigong as the training of Qi or external Qi (Waiqi). Indeed, many qigong masters have done good deeds by curing diseases with 'waiqi' ejected from their bodies. But it would be still better to teach others how to mobilize their own internal qi to prevent and cure diseases. To treat someone with 'waiqi' is to give him a fish. To teach him qigong is to give him a net, which will bring in many fish once he has learned how to cast it.

According to many scientists, Qigong is aimed to probe into the mysterious relationship between body and mind and tap the potential qi to its fullest. It is a highly difficult subject that covers many branches of science and requires the usage of many scientific methods. Comparatively speaking, it is easy to detect 'waiqi' with the help of existing instruments. As a saying goes in traditional Chinese medicine, 'All internal things will manifest themselves externally.' The discovery of 'waiqi' as something substantial that can be observed through visual indications has served as an indirect proof to the existence of qi in the human body. The lessons we can learn from Qigong studies in China.

Through recalling the history of Qigong development and Qigong research, and analyzing the major findings in Qigong studies, author points out that the major contribution of Qigong to the human health is that the study of Qigong has revealed an important medical norm or rule different from those of current western mainstream medicine. That is, Human being has the capability of maintaining self homeostasis and self healing. With affluent data of clinic examples and basic science studies, author tries to confirm the very existence of such a self homeostasis system in human life. There are a total of five parts: (1) A history of five thousand years, (2) Rapid development of Qigong in the last half century, (3) Scientific exploration of Qigong in the past twenty years, (4) The future of medicine - maintaining human self homeostasis system, (5) discussion and vision.