The existence of Yin-Matter Verified by ESP and Psychokinesis Experiments

Author: Shen D
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 49 , Word Count: 1057

As we all know, the brain (cerebrum) produces the thought, which can order the self-body to make actions. Then the body actions effect on external objects of the world. From the beginning of human life when our ancestors made the first stone ax to the current modern society the advanced technology and civilization have been achieved (created). For the entire human history, people are very used to this function model: thought-body-object.

It is the psychic (PSI) phenomena, which spikes a fire of new path, the human mind can make action over the objects directly. There are two general categories: extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK).

A great PSI practices together with the nation wide Qigong activities in China in the last two decades, accumulated hundreds and thousands of scientific evidence on both ESP and PK area. Some of experiments were successfully repeated hundreds of times at different laboratories and at different times.

As mentioned by Dr. Dean Radin in his book of The Conscious Universe that today, with more than a hundred years of research on this topic, an immense amount of scientific evidence has been accumulated. The question today is not whether there is any scientific evidence, but what does a proper evaluation of the evidence reveal?

The first attracting and sophisticated ESP experiment was reported by Chen Shouliang , a professor at Beijing University, as a name of 'information recognition' experiment (6).
In the experiment, subject T, who held an empty plastic box, could successfully recognize the figure on the paper which was placed inside the box a few days ago and was taken away before the test starts. There is no effect that either the paper taken out from the box was placed at other room or it was burnt out completely. The test was successfully repeated for more than ten times.

The another one we discussed here is PK experiment, which was conducted by the author in 1994.
Materials: Plastic empty film box with cap. (Size: high 25 mm, diameter 23 mm)

Procedure: Researcher 1 (or visitor) wrote a number (e.g '830') on a 3 cm x 3 cm paper and fold to 1/8 size of original, keep the face with the number inside. Put the small piece of folded paper into the plastic box and cap it. Researcher 2 checked that the fold paper was in the box. Placed this plastic box on a table. The subject S (function people) was sitting 3 meters away from the plastic box.
The subject S adjusts himself and enters a meditation-like status. It took about 35 minutes
for the subject S to report that the folded paper was moved out of the capped box and fallen down to the ground about 5 meters away from the subject.
Researcher 1 (or visitor) and 2 opened the box and checked the box which was empty now. They picked up the original folded paper and unfold the paper. The hand-written number of '830' on the paper indicated the paper was the original. The subject S also reported the number written on the paper was 830 before researchers opened the box.

The subjects in both experiments described the same procedure they experienced:
After a few minutes of adjusting the mind to a meditation-like state or Qigong practice, their mind deeply focused on the objects they were interested in.
There is a bright 'screen' will appear in front of their forehead. After a while, the image of the object will come on in the 'screen'. The subjects can see the image on the screen clearly. At this state (I called the state of consciousness at this stage '2nd state of mind'), the mind can see the image to obtain the object information or even exert action instruction over the image of object.
The object is moving or passing through the wall at the same time, but the eyes can only see the action result.

Analysis: In the first experiment, the original paper picture was burnt up but the subject can still see its image on that special 'screen' without any problem. When the original picture object burnt out, the picture paper became to water, carbon dioxide and/or something else. The object that the mind was exploring or searching no longer existed.
The image of the object exhibited on the screen does not come from the object itself since the object no longer existed physically in the world. The image does not come from the memory of the subject since the subject never saw it before. The image of the object exhibited on the screen came from 'other existing form' of the object. This 'other existing form' holds all the character of the original object.
I call this wonderful mystical virtual form of object the 'Yin-object' and the original object the 'Yang-object'. Or Philosophically, call this virtual the 'Yin-matter'. The Yin- object is true, is exactly same as the object which burnt a few minutes ago. The pair of Yin-object and Yang-object existed together in normal case. But when the physical object disappears, the Yin-object can exist independently. It seems at least that ' Yin-object' has longer life than the 'Yang-object'. The Yin-object seems to have more stable form and special properties than the Yang-object. It may be the main existing form of objects.
What is the difference when the 2nd state mind sees the image on the screen?. Subject T described that it is a bright image of the object on the screen and became faint when the object was destroyed.

The Yin- objects organize their Yin-world. That is a virtual world, but is a true world.

In the second experiment described above, some wonderful properties showed with the Yin-object. Can you imagine a solid object passing through another solid object? There is no obstacle of moving in the Yin-world. It is a unique consciousness experiment in the last century. The theory of physics is gone in the Yin-world.

The behavior of Yin-matter is so strange that it will make most of the physicists shocked. The fundamental principal of classic physics is shaking when you face the Yin-matter in the Yin-world. Quantum physics also meets the challenge. The main-stream Scientist especially the Physicist even do not want to see the experiments at this field. In the second experiment, the 2nd state mind can easily let the image on the screen move and then the physical matter moves in the same way.