Human Being and Energo-Information Field

Author: Shermatov EN
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 46 , Word Count: 1385

The problem of Human Being phenomenon and energoinformation field is directly related of a number of fundamental problems in physics. First of all it is necessary to find out the origin of a substance and its division into living and non-living ones. In accordance with the modern scientific ideas all material particles(bodies) are being formed as a result of whirl processes and condensation of physical vacuum's matter, i.e. mater of vacuum liquid. However, the problem of formation and energetic structure of vacuum liquid is still open. Finding out the structure of vacuum liquid would allow one to find out all hierarchies of material particles formation, and, as, a result, to make a model of the physics of living substance. That would allow one to provide more clear explanation for various processes in real material systems, including living substances.

Since ancient times people have been assuming all objects of the Universe to be formed of particles possessing infinitely small dimensions, filling all available space, and lately being called ether-particles. Some authors think that these particles are those rotating with high frequency. However, a lack of grounded ideas related to properties of such tiny particles does not give any opportunity to clear the process of forming hierarchy of material particles, atoms, molecules, and, as a result, macroscopic objects. With the help of feedback method we were successful in finding out the fact that in order to solve the problem of understanding various natural processes we should consider the idea that the ether particles possess the properties of pulsation and rotation with very high frequency. We consider the solution of the problem for a system with infinite set of monopole-particles filling entire available space.

As a result of interaction the pulsations of oscillating particles are induced. The phenomenon of self-organization and self-compression leads to formation of vacuum liquid. Moreover, this liquid possesses such properties as superconductivity and superfluidity. Perturbation or interaction force between objects in this liquid propagates as acoustic and optical phonons with different velocities. If acoustic phonons propagate in vacuum liquid with the velocity of light, the velocity of optical phonons may be greater than that for acoustic phonons. The field of vacuum liquid possesses tremendous infinite energy, and the value of this energy, according to Feynmann R.P. and Hibbs A. R, may be equal to the energy of nuclear field, and even greater. However, any possibility for direct determination of the value of this field is absent.
All material particles(bodies) are in the field of vacuum liquid, and constant exchange of energy occurs among them. That is why the life-time of real particles and bodies, including that of human being, depends on a degree of energy exchange with vacuum liquid. All particles and bodies may be considered as a complex of delivered and enclosed wave-packets. As a result of physical vacuum fluctuations all particles and bodies oscillate with respect to some state of energy equilibrium. Due to such oscillations they constantly emit the information about themselves as wave -packets to surrounding space. Thus vacuum liquid contains the information about all events and processes in space, i.e. it may be considered as dynamic hologram of infinite volume.

Each particle or body as an oscillating system can be considered to be Herze`s oscillator. As a result of oscillations each system, including human being, not only emits the information, but also provides perturbation in surrounding physical vacuum, and, as a result of self-organizing influence, creates around some covers of condensation, witch are formed by vacuum liquid. Generally, the size of such covers coincides with the size of the object. The layer of condensation of vacuum liquid around human being appears as shining cover (aura), which intensity depends on the ability of the human being to exert self-organizing influence on surrounding medium. Taking into account the fact that particles and bodies, including human being are wave-packets, one can consider the fact that coherent layer is formed by opposite action of condensed cover of vacuum liquid to the wave-packet of particles and bodies. For human being such coherent layer is the skin, which provides and regulates the energy exchange with surroundings and vacuum liquid.

In cases when particle or substance creates around such perturbation field, which as a result of feedback exerts influence on properties of structure and properties of inductor itself, one may speak about a beginning of division of substance's properties into living and non-living ones. From this moment living substance gains the ability to use the energy of vacuum field to support and develop its structure of living substances is a whole. In addition such system gains the ability to reproduce itself. Elementary structure of living substances is a cell. Hierarchy of living substances, including human being, is formed in accordance with various combinations of cell's elements as well as combinations of cells.

However, human being occupies a special place among living substances. The phenomenon of Human being may be explained with the help of 'golden section' rule. It may be explained as follows below. Mentioned proto-matter i.e. ether particles, possesses the properties, which are realized most completely in the properties of vacuum liquid. Vacuum liquid is energoinformation field or biofield. It possesses the ability to generate all particles and bodies. On base of available information in form of wave-packets it is able to from a human being. Most of properties and abilities of vacuum liquid are realized in the human being as in the most perfect product of vacuum liquid. That is why the human being is not only a product of vacuum liquid itself, but is able to provide opposite self-organizing influence on properties of vacuum liquid. In some cases such influence may transform the substances of physical field into material ones by condensation. In addition, the human being possesses the ability to exert non-contact, distant influence on properties of living and non-living substances, including other people.

The structure of human being as a whole may be considered to be a complex of oscillating delivered and enclosed wave-packets. Each organ, including cells, has its own structure and frequency of oscillation. However, a condition of correlation of oscillating pulsation frequency is realized among all human organs and cells. As a result of inter-accordance of the pulsation of oscillating organs and cells the pulsations of oscillations of the human being as a whole are formed. The most common frequency for human pulsation of oscillations is obviously, that of 8-10 Hz.

Alteration of phase correlation conditions in any point of organism as a whole exerts the influence on the value of pulsation of oscillations for other system's elements. As a hologram, each human organ or element feels any alteration in any part of body, and produces relevant response. By feedback, other parts of structure tend to restore and maintain the necessary thermodynamic equilibrium in the system. In case of loosing the ability to exert proper influence on some organ to maintain of a favorable thermodynamic equilibrium. The degradation of the structure of some system's elements may take that stimulated various illnesses.

Any human being as oscillating system emits information to surrounding space, and exerts certain influence on surrounding objects, including other human beings. However, in comparison with other living substances human being possesses greater ability to provide self-organizing influence on surrounding space. That's why in accordance with a degree of direction and internal information there may takes place alteration of degree of the correlation of components' oscillation pulsations in the field of emission of other objects, including human being. Moreover, human being is able to exert such influence for long distance by focusing on his/her attention. Many examples of influence of human being on not only surrounding, of but also distant living and non-living substances can be found.

People with specific abilities exert self-organizing or degradation influence on other people by exerting influence on the degree of phase correlation of oscillating pulsations among some human organs. By such way these people provide maintenance or distortion of thermodynamic equilibrium in other people. In some cases these people, regulating the intensity of energy of their emission, are able to exert general influence oh other human beings or controlling the structure of such emission, are able to exert influence either on efficiency of human being as a whole, or on separate human organs.