Ba Duan Jin as a Treatment for Physical Ailments: A Bibliography of Recent Medical Research

Author: McGee, RW
Fayetteville State University, Broadwell College of Business and Economics
Conference/Journal: The Economics of Qigong Series
Date published: 2020 Aug 31
Other: Issue ID: 3 , Word Count: 113

Ba duan jin consists of a series of eight qigong exercises that have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat a wide variety of physical ailments. This bibliography lists recent medical studies that have been published in 2019 and the first eight months of 2020 on the use of ba duan jin to treat illness. The present bibliography is part of a series on the economics of qigong. Other studies in this series are listed at the end of this bibliography. DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.3685571

Key Words: ba duan jin, qigong, chi gong, chi kung, health qigong, medical qigong, traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, martial arts, tai chi, taiji chuan, 氣功, 气功, 気功,기공