The Use of Yi Jin Jing to Treat Illness: A Summary of Three Studies

Author: McGee, RW
Fayetteville State University, Broadwell College of Business and Economics
Conference/Journal: The Economics of Qigong Series
Date published: 2020 Aug 31
Other: Issue ID: 5 , Word Count: 99

Yi Jin Jing is a set of qigong exercises that has been used to treat a variety of illnesses. It has been a part of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for nearly 2000 years. This paper summarizes three studies on the medical use of Yi Jin Jing. The present paper is part of a series on the economics of qigong. Other studies in this series are listed at the end of this bibliography.

Key Words: yi jin jing, qigong, chi gong, chi kung, health qigong, medical qigong, traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, martial arts, tai chi, taiji chuan, 氣功, 气功, 気功,기공