Psychological Benefit of Qigong Therapy for Bronchial Asthma Patients

Author: Bultorov I//Vlas A//Vlas V
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 39 , Word Count: 303

At present obvious fact is increasing of psychosomatic diseases in that number may be included the Bronchial Asthmatic (BA). Psychological profile of personality with BA which was learned by method of multi-profile examination (Berezina F.V, Miroshnicenko M.P, Rojanet R.V.-1976), presented in the following way: outward behavior of these peoples is quite normal, but internal disharmony constantly displacing of itself by feeling strain, nervousness, uncertainty of their forces and possibilities, anxiety and worry about their physical health.

The purpose of this research was to observe changes of psychological particularities of patients with BA with the influence of practicing Zhong Yuan Qigong (school of Grand Master Xu Mingtang).

For many centuries Qigong has been regarded as an ancient Chinese skill of health and self-regulation, which allows getting rid of many diseases, to prolong life, to achieve harmony, and to find peace for the soul.

The essence of this method is regulation of human energopotential, in consequence of that body and psychology comes to a state of profound rest, which promotes to increase the functions of the brain, deepening of respiration, producing more Interferons, improvement of microcirculation and metabolism in cells, and a consolidation of resistance of the organism.

We investigated 12 patients with BA till and after a course of Qigong-therapy for 3 hours a day during 10 days. The repeated testing has shown that after the conducted course of practice, patients had noted an improvement of total state, sensation of internal balance and calm, and appeared optimistic and confident. The high level of anxiety, which all patients experienced before practice disappeared at 10 (83.3%), was decreased very much at 2 (16.7%), and patients with Asteno-depression syndrome before practice were at 9 (75%), but afterward were found at 1 (11.2%) patient.

Thus, the received facts certify favorable influence of practice of Zhong Yuan Qigong on the psychological particularities of patients with BA.