Effectiveness of yoga training programs to reduce depression and improve resilience of single mothers

Author: So-Jung Kim1, Yong-Hyun Lee1
1 Department of Physical Education, Dong-duk Women's University, Seoul, Korea.
Conference/Journal: J Exerc Rehabil
Date published: 2022 Apr 26
Other: Volume ID: 18 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 104-109 , Special Notes: doi: 10.12965/jer.2244110.055. , Word Count: 207

Single mothers are vulnerable to mental health such as depression, but emotional support is insufficient. Yoga is known to be effective in reducing negative emotions and promoting resilience. This study was conducted in order to verify the effectiveness of yoga training programs in reducing depression and improving the resilience of single mothers. Participants in the study included 20 single mothers who belonged to the Single Mothers Association, who were randomly assigned to training (n=10) and nontraining (n=10) groups. The yoga training program for single mothers consisted of Asana yoga, meditation, and mind expression through expert meetings; a total of eight sessions were conducted once a week for 120 min. Testing for depression and resilience was performed before and after the program in order to verify the effectiveness of the program. According to the results of the study, depression in single mothers who participated in the yoga training program was significantly decreased, and resilience was significantly increased. Therefore, the effectiveness of the yoga training program in lowering the depression of single mothers and improving resilience was confirmed. In the future conduct of many studies will be required in order to help the mental health of single mothers.

Keywords: Depression; Resilience; Single mothers; Yoga training program.

PMID: 35582689 PMCID: PMC9081409 DOI: 10.12965/jer.2244110.055