Vibrational Medicine: Healing with Qi in the Form of Sonic Vibratory Energy

Author: Angel S
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 37 , Word Count: 557

The science of healing with sound and music has its roots in the Orient. The science of sound known as Kototama comes from Japan and is concerned with the origin of primordial sound from the higher dimensions, above the physical plane, from where sound energy emanates. Sound healing is associated with two major scientific principles, namely resonance and entertainment. First of all, we all know that sound is a form of vibratory energy that travels through solids, liquids and air at different speeds. Resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when two objects naturally vibrate at the same frequency: the sound produced by one object causes the other to vibrate similarly. This occurs when a set of tuning forks tuned to the same frequency are in proximity to one another and when one tuning fork is sounded, the other tuning fork will begin to vibrate as well. In all living systems, their cellular structure vibrates at specific frequencies related to their structure and the combination of elements. The rate of respiration of a living system is related to the vibrational rate of that living system cellular structure. For instance, birds have a very rapid rate of respiration which corresponds directly to the vibratory pattern of its cellular structure, whereas land animals such as turtles have an exceedingly slow rate of respiration and also have a very low vibratory rate at their cellular level. By introducing sound energy into a living system that is vibrating at a given rate, we can help to increase the energy of the living system by raising its vibratory pattern through the principle of resonance. Each living system has within its own structure a natural frequency at which it resonates. Any imbalance within a living system can and will result in illness when its natural frequency has been altered due to the presence of foreign vibratory energies. By introducing coherent sound in the form of overtones from a symphonic gong into a living system, one may induce a higher vibratory resonance into the structure of the living system, thereby causing the living system through the principle of entrainment to begin to vibrate its cellular and molecular structure at a higher vibratory rate. The principle of entrainment holds that a source of vibratory sound energy oscillating at a higher level will affect a living system and the living system will begin to vibrate at the higher vibratory rate. This effect is considered a form of sonic entrainment. Overtones have a clearing and revitalizing affect upon the energetic field of the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. In order to provide onsite experiential conclusion to this presentation, a sample of water will be utilized to absorb the frequencies of the symphonic gong, and we will be able to test the water with dowsing or subtle energy equipment, and those interested can sample the sonically treated water to feel its energizing affects. This is an experiential process and we will demonstrate the effect of sonic overtones to the participants at the conference as well. Recent research has determined that sound and music can produce physical and energetic effects on human DNA. Co-researcher and bio-physicist, Dr. Glen Rein, researched and published a study on the energetic and physical effects of music on DNA, concluding that music with rich harmonics and overtones appeared to energize the DNA most powerfully.