Psychotherapy and Qigong: Partners in Healing Anxiety and Other Psychological Disorders

Author: Mayer M
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 36 , Word Count: 120

Though it has been shown in a wide variety of medical contexts that energy is a key to healing, this concept, has not been integrated fully enough into psychotherapy. This presentation will demonstrate how an integration of Western psychotherapeutic methods and Qigong can help to heal anxiety, one of the most common psychological disorders of our times. Dr.Mayer's holographic, psycho-energetic method called Integrative Depth Psychotherapy TM incorporates: Taoist breathing methods, hypnosis, psychodynamics, cognitive restructuring, Gendlin's Focusing, self soothing, Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang and standing meditation. Participants will learn about how to use this integrative model with anxiety and other psychological disorders. Case examples will be used to illustrate how the holistic dimensions of this method are integrated in practice.