Ultimate Biophysics: Biofield as the Carrier of the General Control System of the Organism

Author: Savva SL
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 35 , Word Count: 203

The contemporary physical description of the universe is based on the observation of the inanimate world. Broadening this description by including life will not affect the application of well-established physical laws but may require an assumption of new fundamental physical interactions governing living organizations such as the biofield, as epiphenomenon of the genome, and, perhaps, a universal PSI field.

Based on the available scientific literature, at this time, i.e., before the theoretical basis of the psi field and biofield is developed, it is suggested to conduct a broad experimental study of highly psi-gifted individuals in order to accumulate scientific knowledge of the human ability to interact with matter, i.e., known physical fields and living organisms. Methodology of such empirical study must include a broader principle of uncertainty, and the recognition of the fact that humans' ability to manifest biofield communication is distributed very unevenly in the population.

One can expect that current 'genome projects' and attempts to utilize stem cells for medical purposes will eventually lead to the recognition of the biofield as the physical carrier of the operative control function in organisms. Developing a from-the-top-down view on the organism by the suggested approach will speed up return on this investment.